Rush’s son Jeffrey was sentenced in 2008 to six months in jail for having sex with female prison inmates while working as head of security at an Illinois correctional facility. In 2011, Jeffrey was arrested on a warrant for violating his probation in connection with his prior sexual conviction,

There’s a special irony here and a more important lesson. Illinois did reduce inequality by driving Griffin away. Inequality drops whenever the rich flee. But does that really help the poor and middle class? Of course not. Illinois’ loss from Citadel’s departure is enormous. Griffin has personally donated roughly $1.5 billion during his residency in Illinois to a range of philanthropic causes. Over $600 million of that was in Chicago. Griffin alone has paid more than $200 million in yearly state taxes in recent years, and huge tax sums no doubt have also been paid by his 1,000 Illinois employees, many of whom are very well paid. So here we are. Illinois is now more equal. And poorer. The political establishment has one less opponent to worry about.

"Recently, we have heard more and more of these situations where people in authority have taken advantage of our children in Rhode Island," Democratic state representative Julie Casimiro, who cosponsored the bill, told the Washington Free Beacon. "I don't know why four voted against it and others ‘took a walk' so they didn't have to vote. Voting yes is a vote to protect children. Voting no is a vote to protect predators!"

The leftist Brookings Institute that determined legal abortion increased single motherhood. This may seem counterintuitive. But with easy abortion access, casual sex increased, leaving more women pregnant outside of marriage or other committed relationships. It furthers the lefts goal of expanding the number of people dependent on government.

We must realize that conservatism involves fidelity to the law and trusteeship over current and future generations, including the unborn. The institutions we fight to preserve, whether the family or government, are preserved for them.

The officials’ median assets increased an estimated 270% over four years. By comparison, total household assets increased 38% nationwide from 2017 to 2021, according to data published by the Federal Reserve. The S&P 500 went up 70% over the same period. The figures highlight why it’s so tempting for public officials to leverage their government experience for private gain. “This shows what the revolving door is all about,” says Craig Holman of Public Citizen, a left-leaning think tank that advocates for corporate accountability and lobbying reform. “People swing through the revolving door to enhance their personal wealth.”

How can we, as a people, come alongside of mothers-to-be? What type of assistance can we provide? How best to demonstrate our care and concern for both lives?

Had any of the victims shot back in self-defense, they too would have likely been charged with a crime. Why? Because the State of New York decided it was illegal to exercise your Second Amendment right anywhere other than your home or under enormous restrictions. To even be considered for a concealed carry permit in New York, you must prove that you “need” to have it. And in places where you could need it the most, that permit still may not allow you to defend yourself.

Having just secured a landmark decision vindicating our clients’ constitutional Second Amendment rights in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, we were presented with a stark choice—withdraw from representing them or withdraw from the firm. There was only one choice: We couldn’t abandon our clients simply because their positions are unpopular in some circles.

Was this a payoff to Charles continued support of green energy policies in western countries that are driving up oil prices and making Arab countries trillions?

Colleges Are Ethnically Cleansing America’s White Kulaks
UChicago’s white percentage has dropped roughly eight percentage points in just two years, from about 52 percent to 44 percent. From 2019 two 2021, the composition of public high school graduates changed from 53.2 percent white to 52.0 percent, a drop of just 1.2 percent. UChicago’s two year shift was more than six times the actual rate of change nationwide.

It is the fault of the childish ignorance of the progressive left and the mainstream liberal media. They lied to us. They lied to themselves. They lied to RBG. They told us that America would never again vote for a Republican leader after Obama. They told us the country had changed, and the people screaming about feeling pushed out and left behind were nothing but a racist, loser fringe who were just sore losers. They weren’t real people with real concerns. They were morons who cling to their guns and their Bibles. They weren’t humans. In fact, they were less than humans, unworthy of even a moment of consideration. Of course RBG didn’t retire under Obama. She was told, like the rest of us, that Hillary Clinton would most assuredly be our next president. Given RBG’s unique place in history and more specifically, feminist history, it was not a shock to discover that she longed to hand over her decades of service to the first woman President.

The bottom line is they don’t trust him and don’t trust his finger-in-the-wind incrementalism. The Court is clearly being led by the Thomas-Alito partnership that is providing the willpower and guts to motivate the conservative majority to decide cases based on the law and not worry about what the editorial boards of the Washington Post and New York Times say.

After the girl finally freed herself, Stevenson, who had kidnapped and started sex trafficking her when she was only 16 years old, sped off. He was later caught and sentenced to 59 years in prison at trial on a number of felonies related to human trafficking, including sex crimes.

**Tracking reduction (TR)** TR aims to reduce the amount of data collected about an exposed user. It reduces a footprint’s spread primarily by blocking trackers. Sometimes this can increase the size of a footprint. **Tracking evasion (TE)** TE reduces the amount of data exposed by a user. Rather than eliminating data collection itself, TE prevents useful data from being made available in the first place. In other words, it reduces a footprint’s size.

Report reveals how US spy agencies stole 97b global internet data, 124b phone records in just 30 days
Media reports showed some US internet giants have set up a special government affairs department to cooperate with the NSA in developing cyber attack weapons and provide the NSA with special backdoors and vulnerabilities. Internal information leaked by Edward Snowden showed these weapons could be used to conduct mass traffic monitoring and hacking on any internet user around the world.

Twitter allowed “Uncle Clarence” to trend