Another Russian general is killed in Ukraine
Vladimir Putin has lost yet another general in the war in Ukraine, according to reports. Major-General Dmitry Ulyanov, 44, had returned to active service after retirement as a commander in Russia's illegal Ukrainian invasion. He died in a firefight when he was attacked by a Ukrainian sabotage group this week, say reports. Previously Ulyanov was a top paratrooper, commander of the elite 98th Guards Airborne Division. He went to the current war commanding a regiment of mobilised motorised infantrymen from Tatarstan. The death means Putin has lost at least ten such senior commanders.

Richard Stengel is the founder of the State Department's Global Engagement Center (GEC). He describes his job as "chief propagandist."
"I'm not against propaganda. Every country does it, they have to do it to their own population, & I don't think it's that awful."

Trump’s post contain no evidence that the girls pictured were underage, or establishes that anyone photographed was illegally consuming alcohol. has not been able to verify the provenance of the photos.

Last year we decided to break up with Disney+. So while we were sad to say goodbye to the Star Wars shows and Marvel spin-offs, we were happy to say farewell to the woke indoctrination that was ruining such a great brand and threatening to seep into the minds of our unsuspecting kids.

Side note: i have my license to carry, i seriously need to buy a gun, i want to take brother to the range
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This Friday is not only dance party Friday but also poetry slam night. I’ll be free styling my poetry verbally In some sort of video, all are welcome to participate. It will be held in free forum.
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My take: While politicians launder money and take bribes they really are pushing the IRS to harass waitresses for taxes they owe on that dollar tip they made while carrying 9 plates of toast and pancakes.