YouTube ripped his 4M sub channel and mocked him:
SteveWillDoIt from the NELK BOYS is joining @rumblevideo because YouTube ripped his 4M sub channel and mocked him: "YouTube called me the day of deletion and it was a girl and she seemed stoked. You're giving someone the worst news possible and you're happy.

The reported historical construction cost of the Clinton Library is $171.3 million or $1,332 per gross square foot. The Library cost is scandalously high when compared to equivalent high-quality Little Rock commercial buildings. The Heifer International and Arkansas Study Institute construction cost per gross square foot is $198 and $238, respectively, a flashing warning sign of possible construction fraud.

The module in question, a publicly available lesson geared toward high schoolers on what makes communities “welcoming and inclusive,” featured a video on slide 19 describing “MAGA,” “All Lives Matter,” “colorblindness,” and dozens more mainstream and ideological terms and concepts as examples of “covert racism and white supremacy.”

THIS WEEK: Oath Keepers Forced to Go to Trial on Bogus Seditious Conspiracy Charges FIVE WEEKS BEORE MIDTERMS! Govt. Denies Them Discovery, Arrests Their Key Witnesses, Jury Bias & Unethical Judge Pla
With the trial only days away, attorneys told us that the government has not yet met their obligation to release all discovery to the legal team in a timely manner and they were still receiving documents as late as last week. We were informed that two key defense witnesses were arrested to prevent them from testifying. Also, new survey results were submitted to the court by attorneys in a last minute attempt to change venue to another city. The survey illustrates an incredibly biased jury pool in Washington DC with 68% of the respondents holding an “Unfavorable View of the Oath Keepers”

Imagine you are the senior analyst responsible for Russia in the Mission Center handling the Ukraine crisis. Do you think that analyst is allowed to make the historically factual argument that Russia believed it was facing a future attack from NATO because of NATO’s stated intentions to bring Ukraine into the NATO universe? Do you think the analyst would be allowed to point out that U.S. and NATO military exercises in Ukraine, along with training of Ukrainian forces, had heightened Russian fears? The answer is no. Any analyst daring to push such verboten issues would be committing career suicide. Plus the analyst would be accused of undermining U.S. and NATO policy.

A huge fire has broken out in a storage facility for fresh produce at the Rungis international market in Val-de-Marne, Paris, France on Sunday.

“My team was deployed to 20 or 25 different high profile, national terrorism organization or terrorism investigations between 2018 and 2021. And what I saw, as the most obvious statement, is that there are three things about counterterrorism investigations,” he said. - “Number one, the demand for white supremacy vastly outstrips the supply of white supremacy.” - “Number two,” he added, “the FBI‘s playbook when it comes to counterterrorism investigations is always and unequivocally morally equivalent to entrapment, even if there’s a legal definition that allows them to skirt that.” - As for No. 3, “There’s an entirely ridiculous internal process for determining every single national priority,” the whistleblower said.

Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) party are set to gain 22.5% to 26.5% of the vote, according to an exit poll late Sunday night. The party is in a broad right-wing coalition with Lega, under Matteo Salvini, Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and a more minor coalition partner, Noi Moderati. This alliance is set to win 41% to 45% of the vote, according to exit polls, enough to gain a parliamentary majority with the center-left bloc on 22.5% to 26.5%. Early projections from the actual election results are due Monday morning.

Mick had read studies showing women tended to have lower PFAS levels than men, but he didn't know why. One night he couldn't sleep and went down to his shed to change the oil in his wife's car. "That's when I had this light bulb moment," Mick says. "The reason you change the oil in your car is, so you don't blow the engine up. Maybe women have lower PFAS levels because they lose blood when they menstruate? So maybe if firefighters donate blood or plasma, we could get this stuff out of our bodies." Professor Mark Taylor was sitting on his verandah when the firefighter called to run the idea past him. He remembers thinking it seemed reasonable. "I knew that PFAS was attached to proteins and there's a tonne of proteins in blood. So, if you're donating blood, you're also discharging proteins, and the same thing with plasma." Professor Taylor assembled a team of experts at Macquarie University. Mick lobbied the MFB to provide funding, and the clinical trial involving hundreds of firefighters got underway. In April, the peer-reviewed findings were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The results exceeded Professor Taylor's expectations. "It showed very clearly that the giving of blood or plasma reduces PFAS levels in blood by about 10 per cent over the year, and plasma by about 30 per cent." The Red Cross decided blood and plasma posed no risk to donation recipients. But Mick still wants people with high levels of PFAS to be able to make therapeutic donations which don't form part of the blood bank.

On the affidavit’s 84th and 85th pages, Zellhart assured Kim the FBI would respect customers’ rights. Murray offered no explanation for why the FBI believed it had legal grounds to take away the assets of hundreds of unknown box holders based on their presumed ties to unknown crimes. To confiscate an asset under U.S. forfeiture laws, the government must first have evidence that it was derived from criminal conduct or used to facilitate it. Kim was explicit in limiting the scope of the raid. “This warrant does not authorize a criminal search or seizure of the contents of the safety deposit boxes,” his warrant stated. The judge gave the FBI permission to take inventory of the box contents to protect against theft accusations. He ordered agents to identify the owners and notify them that they could claim their property. But by then, Zellhart and her colleague had already told agents in their memo to take notes on anything that suggests any of the cash “may be criminal proceeds,” such as whether it was bundled in rubber bands or smelled like marijuana. The FBI also had dogs sniff all the cash for any odor of marijuana or other drugs, a step that was outside the bounds of the “written inventory policies” that the government vowed to follow.

This is the “most outrageous Fourth Amendment abuse that the Institute for Justice has ever seen,” Frommer, the IJ attorney, said when it announced the case. “It is like the government breaking into every apartment in a building because the landlord was dealing drugs in the lobby.” They omitted from their warrant request a central part of the FBI’s plan: Permanent confiscation of everything inside every box containing at least $5,000 in cash or goods, a senior FBI agent recently testified. The court filings also show that federal agents defied restrictions that U.S. Magistrate Judge Steve Kim set in the warrant by searching through box holders’ belongings for evidence of crimes.

Police have taken advantage of tapping into a surveillance system run by two private companies, allowing them to access thousands of cameras that are constantly scanning and documenting car number plates, even when they don’t own the cameras. Further, the new law that allows this also shields police from liability for data breaches.

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