cross-posted from: > What really needs to be investigated is how Obama judges always seem to end up overseeing cases involving conservatives and then ruling against them.

The Maricopa County election officials were served with a subpoena to provide election records by 9:30 AM on Monday. So Maricopa County officials moved their planned 9:30 AM meeting to 8:00 AM on Monday. They don’t even hide their deceit and fraud. They really don’t care. Republicans believed they were dealing with honest Americans. Once again, they were fooled.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer’s Founding of Partisan PAC Raises Ethical and Legal Questions of Possible Misconduct
While Richer’s PAC claims to support Republicans, it has received money from a man who donates to almost exclusively Democrats. Francis Najafi gave $20,000 to his PAC, $60,000 to the Arizona Democratic Party, and $5,300 to Democratic Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is running for governor. Much of the money Richer’s PAC raised has gone to reimburse him for things like airfare, food, and other “operating expenses.” None of it appears to have gone to any candidate.

cross-posted from: > China

cross-posted from: > Orders came down from Washington, DC, and the office of @gopchairwoman, to stand down. They left the Arizona candidates and voters on the field to bleed while they scampered back to DC or went on vacation. > > > Her re-election as RNC Chair is more important to her than the voters of Arizona. 168 people vote in the RNC Chairman election. Three come from each state. Call the RNC Representative in your state and let them know how disappointed you are. Always be polite and respectful.

cross-posted from: > “Whistleblowers are coming forward and the curtain is being lifted. Whether done accidentally or intentionally. It is clear that this election was a debacle that destroyed any trust in our elections.”

cross-posted from: > Not only does this case rejuvenate the EIPCa’s effort to clean up California’s corrupt election law, but it may give standing to other candidates nationwide who challenge election laws. Lake v Hobbs, for example, is pending appeal in the very same Ninth Circuit. The case was dismissed in August 2022 for a lack of standing because “they have articulated only conjectural allegations of potential injuries that are in any event barred by the Eleventh Amendment, and seek relief that the Court cannot grant under the Purcell principle.” > > Fast forward to the 2022 General Election ripe with widespread machine failure and/or manipulation and it seems the Lake v Hobbs case may have been rather significant in ensuring the election was safe and fair. Hopefully the Lake Campaign is given a fair opportunity to make their case, finally, in a court of “law”.

cross-posted from: > Lake’s campaign spent $2 million to monitor the counting of votes and to be prepared with lawsuits based on the facts when necessary. Time said 40 lawyers were in one central “war room” while roving attorneys monitor polling places and vote-counting operations. > > “This is the most robust Election Day operation and post-election operation that Arizona has ever seen,” Brady Smith, the Lake campaign’s chief political strategist, said.

“Maricopa County has admitted that[,] in some voting locations, ‘Door 3’ non-tabulated ballots were commingled with tabulated ballots at the voting location,” State law was apparently violated when poll workers failed to keep ballots that were successfully tabulated on site segregated from those that were not. Wright also wanted to know the instructions poll workers gave to voters who experienced problems with their ballots being accepted by tabulation machines. Wright also wanted to know the instructions poll workers gave to voters who experienced problems with their ballots being accepted by tabulation machines. Chairman Gates publicly stated that voters who had already checked in to e-Pollbook, but were having difficulties voting could ‘check out’ of that voting location, and would be able to nonetheless vote in another voting location,” she wrote. “Based on sworn complaints received by the Unit, not only have poll workers reported that they were not trained and/or not provided with information on how to execute ‘check out’ procedures, but many voters have reported the second voting location required the voter to cast a provisional ballot as the e-Pollbooks maintained the voter had cast a ballot in the original voting location.” she added. Wright pointed out that Arizona state law prohibits a voter to cast a provisional ballot who has already been signed in electronically.

cross-posted from: > Democrats in Maricopa County are curing ballots after the deadline - and claiming they called the voter BEFORE the deadline and the voter just got back to them. This is illegal.

Republicans in the state had 72% of the turnout on election day. Democrats had only a 17% turnout. But for some reason, the remaining ballots after election day broke even between the two parties – despite Republicans holding strong leads in the polls.

cross-posted from: > So Mitch McConnell left $50 million in his war chest and allowed good Republicans, Blake Masters and others, to fend for themselves.

cross-posted from: > Maricopa County Election Officials lied to voters when they instructed them to “check out” and “check back in” at another polling location to vote. Nowhere in the Arizona Elections manual does it say this is an option or a solution. In fact, once someone “checks in” whether they voted or not they can’t leave and go to another polling location because it would be considered “double voting” as there is no way to determine if the voter didn’t vote at two different polling locations. For this reason alone, this Election should be annulled and redone.

cross-posted from: > Kimberly Yee could not win a GOP primary in the state but garnered 100,000 more votes than any other candidate in the state. > > This is the the bullsh*t the fake news and uniparty throws at you hoping you believe it. > > If you look at Yee’s results you can get a feel of what the rest of the races actually looked like.

cross-posted from: > In the video below, people can be seen shoving multiple ballots into the container one by one and dumping stacks of ballots into the dropbox. Elections workers are then seen allowing more ballots into the wide-open, unsecured box after the 7 pm deadline on November 8.

The same people involved in the uncertifiable 2020 Election were also involved in this election. They too should have been removed. The systems are the same systems with still unanswered questions from the 2020 Election.

Decision Desk HQ calls Arizona governor race for corrupt Katie Hobbs
This is all on you Arizona. Enjoy the illegals, fentanyl and crime in Phoenix and Tucson. Don’t come whining to the government for help when you big cities are overrun with illegals, drugs and crime. You deserve what you voted for. Arizona will be turned into California, and I’ll be sitting here laughing at you! Phoenix will soon resemble San Francisco with poop and drug needles littering the street. And in Tucson, the homeless encampments will just grow and grow like in Los Angeles.

cross-posted from: > The only real remedy for the 2022 Election in Maricopa County, if not all of Arizona is to do the election over. It’s the only way and there are precedents for doing this. > > Unfortunately, the results in Arizona are tainted. Election observers have reported on multiple issues where uncounted ballots were comingled with other ballots and more. > > A professional auditor like myself would never certify a block of business with so many infractions in processes, systems and people. The only possible result from an audit of the results currently being glued together by the state like they are in Arizona would be to issue an adverse opinion.

It was also reported that Maricopa County is allowing dead people to vote in this election. “They just discovered that a guy has been dead since like 2001 who had had his vote sent in that needed to be cured,” said Bowyer. This is just one of the ways they are stealing the election now. The Gateway Pundit reported on the serious issues in Maricopa County’s General Election last Tuesday. Due to the criminality of Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs, tabulators were down, printers ran out of ink, and long, long lines kept voters waiting to cast their ballots.

cross-posted from: > We don’t know if all this was intentional or not. But the poorly designed process and failure to properly test equipment under real-world conditions have led to yet another third-world election in Arizona. > > It’s worth noting that hand counting would not be affected in the slightest by a skewed ballot. Get rid of the machines.

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