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[Partnered Matrix]( [Partnered Discord, specifically 'Lobby']( The old ones had failure to thrive

Montreal has historically been known as a renter’s paradise with low rents, ample supply, and solid tenant rights. In the first comprehensive analysis of its kind in a North American city, researchers now discovered that financial landlords are taking over the housing market.

Canadian youth attracted to socialism?
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Data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds a majority of Canadians say their federal government should approach the Beijing regime either as a threat to its interests (40%) or, worse, an enemy (22%). Among countries surveyed, only Russian government generates a more hostile response due to its ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Cities and police services across Ontario are following the federal government's lead in banning TikTok from work and government-owned devices.

Prime minister faces accusations of not taking issue seriously amid reports of 11 candidates receiving Chinese money.

While various federal agencies tasked have acknowledged that "foreign interference has been attempted," the government is taking "concrete steps" to strengthen Canada's institutions and ensure those responsible face consequences, National Security and Intelligence Advisor Jody Thomas says.

Could be worth making an extra effort if you're expecting a refund, especially with interest rates higher these days.

Canada further sanctions Iranian regime for gross violations of human rights
The new sanctions list 12 senior officials from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Law Enforcement Forces (LEF) who have participated in gross and systematic human rights violations in Iran, including through the lethal suppression of demonstrations across Kurdish areas of Western Iran.

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A spokeswoman for Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez said Canadians will not be intimidated and called it disappointing that Google is borrowing from Meta's playbook. The new Online News Act requires digital giants such as Google and Meta, which owns Facebook, to negotiate deals that would compensate Canadian media companies for republishing their content on their platforms.

Are we selling weapons to Ukraine? Or are they donations?
Donations in the same way I give a dollar to salvation army and don't expect to ever cash in on my dollar

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