Digital Nomads: Colombia is your office
cross-posted from: > Colombia is a perfect place to use as an office, the cost of living is very favorable; it is the sixth country with the lowest cost of living in the global index, its infinity of plans and its incredible geography give a wide range of experiences to discover. Today the country has surpassed 8.2 million fixed internet accesses and an average download speed of 54.9 megabits per second. > > The country also has an incredible variety of climates that will allow you to choose where you prefer to have your next adventure, whether by the Caribbean Sea or high up in the mountains watching the Wax Palms or the Frailejones. More than 50,000 species of fauna and flora, 5 thermal floors, and more than 15 fairs and festivals, as well as cheerful and friendly people in the country, are the perfect reasons to embark on a nomadic adventure and let the most beautiful landscapes of this country become the inspiration for your daily work.

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