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Not only did none of the billions in tax increases Democrats threatened high-earners with last year make it into the final version of the bill, their plans to 'tax the 1%' turned out to be nothing more than a big virtue signal. Also why did the Republicans vote for a private equity tax loophole? > The private equity industry was able to gain an additional win shortly before the final passage of the bill when a handful of Democrats broke with their party to vote on a Republican amendment that created a carveout for private equity-owned companies

The Point of No Return, by Dr. Thomas Sowell
If there is one moment that symbolized our degeneration, it was when an enraged mob gathered in front of the Supreme Court and a leader of the United States Senate shouted threats against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, saying "You won't know what hit you!" There have always been irresponsible demagogues. But there was once a time when anyone who shouted threats to a Supreme Court Justice would see the end of his own political career, and could not show his face in decent society again. Threats and violence were the way the Nazis came to power in Germany. Freedom is not free. If you can't be bothered to vote against storm-trooper tactics — regardless of who engages in them, or over what issue — then you can forfeit your freedom. What both state and federal laws do have the right to stop is threats against judges and their families. This is not a partisan issue. The Republican governor of Virginia is providing protection to Supreme Court Justices who live in that state. But the Republican governor of Maryland seems to think that harassing judges and their families is no big deal. Voters need to find out who is for or against mob rule, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. We are not going to be a free or decent society otherwise.

cross-posted from: > Criminals are threatening people to get their way - influencing everyone from local politicians, entrepreneurs, civil servants, journalists and lawyers, according to the report. > > In 2021, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was placed under police protection in response to fears over an attack by the Morco Mafia - which France24 describes as a North African criminal organization tied to cocaine trafficking. > > The group operates out of the Netherlands and Belgium and controls a third of all cocaine traffic in Europe. One police union chief said in 2019 that the Netherlands was becoming a narco-state. The 2014 novel “Mocro Maffia”, co-authored by Marijn Schrijver and Wouter Laumans, coined the term and brought the criminal gang to the public’s attention, recounting how a group of Moroccan jewellery thieves in Amsterdam created one of Europe’s most powerful criminal organisations. After its success in the Netherlands, the book was made into a TV series.

Senate Democrats Advance Schumer-Manchin-Biden Tax and Spending Bill
- projected to impose a $4,500 tax increase on the average American over the next decade, - the typical employee’s real wages dropping by almost $3,400. - legislation would mean “higher taxes, bigger government, more inflation, and fewer jobs.” - plans to expand the IRS, including by adding over 85,000 agents. - would fall disproportionately on taxpayers making less than $25,000 per year.

The deal between GreatPoint Energy and Wanxiang is notable because Hunter’s business, Rosemont Seneca Partners, also invested in the Fisker car company that was bought by Wanxiang after Fisker when bankrupt in 2013. It should be noted that before Fisker bankrupt in 2013 and later sold in 2016 to Wanxiang, Joe Biden claimed to have brokered a massive deal between Fisker Automotives and an automotive plant with a taxpayer-funded loan. “In 2016, China purchased the electric vehicle company Fisker Automotive, after U.S. taxpayers had spent $193 million funding the company’s electric vehicle research,” Breitbart News reported. “Fisker Automotive was acquired at a bankruptcy auction by the China-based Wanxiang Group Corporation.”

The agreement was reportedly postponed when Paul was stuck in a crisis of credibility back home. By publicly showing up as part of the US Congressional Delegation, he added some street cred to impress his contacts in Asia. Here comes the whole picture. Paul took advantage of the “family trip” in Asia and leveraged the official photos with high-ranking national leaders to whitewash his notorious record back home. The Pelosi mafia family were not concerned that her grifter son was pictured with her during her trip.

0.5% of the citizens in this country own more assets than the bottom 90%. That’s all happened in the last ten years since 2008. The Federal Reserve, by the way, is not owned by the America people, a central bank that is owned by 24 prime brokers, being J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. How does that work?

cross-posted from: > The Federal Reserve is not owned by taxpayers, but 24 prime brokers like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, etc

If Paul Pelosi Jr. did accompany his mother on her August 2-3, 2022 trip to Taiwan, is he playing the same role for Nancy Pelosi as Hunter Biden played for Joe Biden, enriching the family through influence peddling? - Like Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi Jr. has been linked to many shady business dealings but has never been prosecuted. - Paul Pelosi also was involved in Ukraine (and therefore so was his mother). - an enormous amount of money has flowed from Taiwanese government agencies to Democrat Dick Gephardt’s lobbying firm to specifically influence Nancy Pelosi. What was the true purpose of Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan that has risked war with China?

The attack on Fetterman that he’s afraid to defend his record and policy views is also fair. While the Democrat attempts to paint himself as a working-class everyman (a fake persona as explained above), the reality is that he’s basically Bernie Sanders with no hair. Fetterman supports banning fracking. He supports biological males competing against females in sports. He supports letting criminals out of jail prematurely. He’s also a supporter of universal healthcare. There is no daylight between Fetterman’s positions and those of the radical left because he’s part of the radical left. His strategy of hiding in the basement has protected him so far, but soon enough, he will have to debate and he will have to campaign. That’s when the game really begins.

Public records show — and Fetterman has openly acknowledged — that for a long stretch lasting well into his 40s, his main source of income came from his parents, who gave him and his family $54,000 in 2015 alone. He moved to an industrial-style loft he purchased from his sister for $1 after she paid $70,000 for it six years earlier.

Get a load of these Orwellian names of PACs > The Family Friendly Action PAC, a group run by Democratic political operatives that announced a $23 million election canvassing operation last week, endorsed Barnes, the presumptive Democratic nominee, on Monday and said it plans to spend at least $5 million to support his race against Republican incumbent senator Ron Johnson. The super PAC is primarily funded by the dark-money organizations Sixteen Thirty Fund and America Votes.

"I'm not taking a dime in corporate PAC money," Bennet says in his first reelection campaign ad. "Washington could learn a lot from Colorado. That's why I approve this message." But the Colorado senator accepted more than $60,000 from PACs that accept corporate PAC contributions last quarter alone. Bennet also accepted $3,500 from the Blackstone Group's corporate PAC in 2021. The same quarter he accepted that donation he claimed on Twitter that his campaign was "setting records without taking a cent from corporate PACs."

While the report names 13 officials who were registered foreign agents before their tenure in the administration, the report is not exhaustive. The administration is actively working to conceal the identities of presidential appointees more than 18 months into Biden’s first term.

Sinema “said she negotiated the removal of a provision to increase taxes on carried interests targeting wealthy investors, resolving a key difference that had held back her support.”

When the two sides of a court case are actual adversaries, a consent decree makes sense. But when both sides of a lawsuit are actually on the same side, consent decrees become very different: They become a means of writing new laws without a single vote, and plundering the public treasury in the meantime. The strategy works as follows: A progressive plaintiff (typically a non-profit) sues a government department alleging some kind of legal violation — typically of civil rights, environmental, or election law. And then, critically, they win without ever even going to trial to hear the case on its merits. Instead, the defending government body announces that the case is simply so strong, so unstoppable, that they must settle before trial. The resulting settlement is then legally binding on the government. Consent decrees allow government to do quickly what would otherwise be time-consuming or outright impossible. For instance, new federal regulations are typically required to go through a lengthy rule-making process that usually takes two to three years. By intentionally losing a lawsuit to a left-wing plaintiff, bureaucratic agencies can have these regulations “forced” on them in far less time through a legal settlement. But consent decrees don’t just create new regulations for Americans. They also serve to directly enrich those filing the lawsuits. Routinely, the federal government agrees to pay thousands or even millions of dollars to cover the legal fees of those who brought the complaint.

"People take a sympathetic group of Americans — and it could be children with an illness, it could be victims of crime, it could be veterans who've been exposed to toxic chemicals — craft a bill to address their problems, and then sneak in something completely unrelated that they know could never pass on its own and dare Republicans to do anything about it," he continued, "because they know they will unleash their allies in the media and maybe a pseudo- celebrity to make up false accusations to try to get us to just swallow what shouldn't be there."

"Elaine Luria’s vote to provide billions of dollars in subsidies for an industry in which she owns up to $25 million in stocks would be unethical, self-serving, and the latest example of how she will put her bottom line ahead of her constituents’ well-being,"

Two of the speed violations that we found against her SUVs occurred in school zones with ‘school child present,’ according to the citations,” the CWB Chicago article said.

The Tradies in Paradise initiative was launched in April and offered 1,000 interstate tradespeople up to $1,750 in cash bonuses to move to Queensland and work for eight weeks on flood recovery repairs. 12 people had applied for the program and two had been fully paid a total of $3,500 as at July 21. Corruption or incompetence?

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