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cross-posted from: > The apathy of the majority will allow governments to easily take away our physical cash and replace it with CBDCs, ushering in a utopia (or dystopia) of financial surveillance. > > To us people, CBDCs represent a full-frontal assault on our ability to have sovereignty over honest transactions between ourselves. To the government, it is the most perfect tool for modifying the behaviour of its subjects since we all decided to voluntarily upload our lives onto social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. To the banks, CBDCs represent an existential threat to their existence as going concerns. > > Imagine you are the “other”. The others in any society are those who are economically exploited, either by virtue of their ethnicity, their immigration status, their religious beliefs, and/or their accent. Their exploitation is allowed to continue by the majority because the majority are led to believe the others deserve their lowly station due to their supposedly deficient qualities. > > Now imagine that you and the rest of the others decide to try to change your circumstances by nonviolent means. You march, sing songs of protest, and generally engage in non-violent civil disobedience. You use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo to organise and galvanise. Your movement grows to be quite large, and you decide it is time for a march on the capital to show the country how unjust its discriminatory policies are. > > Prior to the big march, the movement continues to gain viral levels of visibility by effectively generating and disseminating heart-wrenching images from other smaller protests around the country. The government gets nervous. The police try to fight back by using tried-and-true tactics like firehosing and sicking attack dogs on you and your fellow peaceful protestors. Images of children mangled at the hands of the supposed protectors of the people sway public opinion against the government. That, as history has warned us, the government cannot abide. > > The police inherit a new tool, the CBDC. Instead of carrying out overt acts against the protestors to stop the upcoming march on the capital, the police decide to ask Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and other platforms to hand over all data on anyone their algorithms believe were involved in the movement or sympathetic to it. On the days leading up the march, these individuals are completely frozen out of the financial system. > > At this stage of the CBDC-verse, all economic activity between citizens occurs using digital money, and no other former currency (like physical cash) is accepted or even exists. The protestors and those who support them are thus unable to fill their cars up with gas, unable to purchase a bus, train, or plane ticket, unable to dine at a restaurant, unable to purchase food and water at the grocery store, and ultimately unable to organise effectively– so the march on the capital never materialises. You can’t march if you are starving or can’t get to the march in the first place.

cross-posted from: > This is a simple story. Alameda lost money, and instead of accepting the loss, SBF and other senior executives decided to take money from FTX customer deposits. If you are a lazy journalist reading this essay, that is all you need to know in order to properly characterise how the Death Star ceased to be.

In the middle of this article is the best explanation I have read with respect to what is blowing up in the crypto world and why - it will make your head explode. Do not judge the content of this article by the rant in the first third - read on, the explanation is extraordinary.

“would you switch to a tELONphone? With over 46,000 votes, 56.3 percent of respondents said yes.

Shake up the duopoly Elon > If Apple or Google don't boot Twitter from their app stores, either way, Wheeler gave Musk an idea. How long until Musk unveils the Tesla smartphone and asks for $100 deposits?

A complete proof-of-reserve audit must include: - the sum of client liabilities, - user-verifiable cryptographic proof that each account was included in the sum and - signatures proving the custodian’s control over the wallets.

I certainly hope it does not come to that, but, yes, if there is no other choice, I will make an alternative phone

cross-posted from: > UK’s media regulator Ofcom will get more surveillance powers than spy agencies under the [Online Safety Bill](, according to a legal analysis by the Index on Censorship organization. > > The legislation would allow Ofcom to force tech companies to clamp down on “child abuse” and “terrorist content” by ending end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Signal, [Telegram](, and [Facebook]( Messenger and force all communications to be scanned.

The real questions are: Are these records discarded immediately or retained for some short period to enable technical troubleshooting? Or, is Consensys creating an internal database which matches IP records to transaction records, storing it for an indefinite period, and making it available in response to law enforcement requests or court orders?

cross-posted from: > In a landmark decision on 22 November, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that the EU anti-money laundering directive’s provisions on access to beneficial ownership registers are “invalid”. The court found that the directive ([AMLD5, 2018]( interferes with the privacy and personal data protection rights of beneficial owners and should therefore not be made available to a wide public. The **European Federation of Journalists** (EFJ) denounced a decision restricting the freedom of information in favour of business interests.

cross-posted from: > ConsenSys has revised the [privacy policy]( of MetaMask, a popular self-custody wallet with over 21 million monthly active users. The updated version states that MetaMask will start collecting Ethereum wallet addresses and IP addresses during on-chain transactions. > > ConsenSys explained that the data collection only applies when someone uses Infura, Mestamask’s default Remote Procedure Call (RPC) application. When users use a third-party RPC or their own Ethereum node, the new update to the privacy policy does not apply; they play by the rules of the RPC you are using.

- His complaint is over the 15% to 30% cut Apple and Google take from purchases made inside apps, which could eat into the desperately-needed revenue from Musk’s plans for $8 per month from Twitter Blue subscriptions. - There’s precedent for a complete ban. Apple and Google banned Parler, a much smaller and conservative-leaning site

“We want to enable users to be able to communicate without being concerned about their privacy, [or] without being concerned about a data breach at Twitter causing all of their DMs to hit the web, or think that maybe someone at Twitter could be spying on their DMs,” Musk said. “That’s obviously not going to be cool and it has happened a few times before.”

"A big tech company that is owned by the Chinese government is really scary," Wilson said. "I'm in the National Guard. I've gotten cyber briefings on what the capabilities of big tech are. It is terrifying. If people actually knew how much companies like TikTok — owned by the Chinese government — actually knew about you, there would be more concern."

This is how the globalists intend on breaking the backs of free Americans. They will do it through our finances, through the healthcare system and through the entertainment systems. Digital ID cards disguised as “health passports” or “SMART Health Cards,” will be required to work a job, to access the Internet and the coming digital bank accounts or digital wallets. The convergence of all these systems will make sure, in the words of U.N. Agenda 2030, “no person gets left behind.” By the time most people wake up and see that they have walked into a trap, it will be too late. They will have all your data, they will know everything about you, your strengths, your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities. The choice is simple. Will you choose to live as a slave in a digital concentration camp, or as a free human being in full possession of your bodily autonomy and your free will? We can still fight back but we must harden ourselves and resolve not to become a digital slave. How do we do that? **"SOLUTIONS:** - Ditch all unnecessary devices. Apple Watches, RING doorbells, Alexa, robotic vacuum cleaners, baby monitors, high-tech refrigerators. THESE ARE ALL EYES AND EARS RIGHT INSIDE YOUR HOME! - Shop local farmers for your vegetables, meat and dairy. Use thrift shops and smaller independent gas stations (yes you’ll usually pay a little more). It’s always better to buy with cash from a local mom and pop retailer who doesn’t have cameras on you from the time you walk into their store till the time you walk out. - Turn off routers before you go to bed at night. - Use Faraday bags for phones when traveling, but let’s be honest, we’re all going to have to destroy our cellphones at some point if we want to remain free. - Develop parallel systems, focusing on low tech alternatives. **BOTTOM LINE:** This is a spiritual war being waged with high-tech tools in the hands of very wealthy Luciferian elites.

cross-posted from: > A lawsuit filed in the High Court of England and Wales has demanded that Meta's Facebook social media platform stops harvesting personal data for the purposes of advertising and marketing. > > The claimant, tech and human rights activist Tanya O'Carroll, has claimed this amounts to "surveillance advertising" with her legal team claiming: "Meta repeatedly refused to respect ... O'Carroll's absolute right to object to being surveilled and profiled" when she tried to opt out of having her personal data being processed by Meta for the purposes of marketing.

cross-posted from: Read our paper on the direct transfers of personal data from service providers in the European Union (EU) to law enforcement authorities in third countries to get an understanding of the incompatibility of the new Cybercrime Protocol with EU law.

Companies such as H&R Block, TaxAct, and TaxSlayer have allegedly been sending Facebook "not only information like names and email addresses but often even more detailed information, including data on users’ income, filing status, refund amounts, and dependents’ college scholarship amounts," a report from the Verge said on Tuesday. The information "can be used by the company to power its advertising algorithms," the outlet claimed, and it is "gathered regardless of whether the person using the tax filing service has an account on Facebook or other platforms operated by its owner Meta."

This sounds more like slavery then employment. > Delayed bonus payments triggered Wednesday's protest. Workers were heard chanting, "Give us our pay!"

Coinbase bonds are trading at a massive discount, about 50% to par value. The bonds are yielding 16%. A yield that high is a sign that investors are worried about the company’s ability to make the interest payments. Coinbase stock is down 83% since it debuted last spring. It went from trading around $340 to $43 today. Net revenue is down about 60% year-over-year and net losses are growing.

Governments, Big Business, & Tyrants are using technology to control and censor you. Here we discuss how to break free.

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