DOJ Corruption
The Florida federal magistrate judge who signed off on a search warrant authorizing the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort left the local US Attorney’s office more than a decade ago to rep employees of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had received immunity in the long-running sex-trafficking investigation of the financier. According to the outlet, Reinhart resigned from the South Florida US Attorney’s Office effective on New Year’s Day 2008 and went to work for Epstein’s cohorts the following day. Epstein. Reinhart was later named in a civil lawsuit that accused him of violating Justice Department policies by switching sides in the middle of the Epstein investigation, suggesting he had used inside information about the probe to build favor with the notorious defendant. Herald reported that Reinhart had represented several of Epstein’s employees — including, by Reinhart’s own admission to the outlet, Epstein’s pilots; his scheduler, Sarah Kellen; and Nadia Marcinkova, who Epstein once reportedly described as his “Yugoslavian sex slave.” Kellen and Marcinkova were among Epstein’s lieutenants who were granted immunity as part of a controversial 2007 deal with federal prosecutors that allowed the pervert to plead guilty to state charges rather than federal crimes. Epstein wound up serving just 13 months in county jail and was granted work release.

Why wouldn't they? Comedy Barrett just gave into them on Ballot counting in PA, so they know they can intimidate her into doing what they want. Nobody can help her till she gathers the moral fortitude to stand up to these bullies and show them she will not be intimidated. A good start would be to make sure she publishes her reasoning for every decision so there is no doubt to her logic. At the moment she is not publishing the reasons to some of her strangest decisions and we can only assume she has been compromised. If not by the Lefts intimidation, then possibly by her $2 million book deal. How could a judge be so stupid to out herself in this position.

It’s time for us in the Florida Legislature to call an emergency legislative session & amend our laws regarding federal agencies Sever all ties with DOJ immediately Any FBI agent conducting law enforcement functions outside the purview of our State should be arrested upon sight

What’s he going to say tomorrow, the attorney general? Here’s my guess: ‘We’ve been negotiating with Trump and his lawyers since February when we found out they had this information. We were getting nowhere, and then we know or we heard that some documents were being destroyed." photos shared by New York Times columnist Maggie Haberman purporting to show official documents with Trump's handwriting on them in White House toilets. (Except... it isn't Trump's handwriting) - see photos.

The hat reads, “But her emails,” in reference to the 30,000 emails she illegally deleted from her server and got away with. Hillary Clinton could not get indicted in our two-tiered justice system if she tried. On Monday night following the FBI raid Hillary Clinton flaunted her lawlessness and introduced new Swag merchandise for her supporters. The hat reads, “But her emails,” in reference to the 30,000 emails she illegally deleted from her server and got away with. Historically, communists always delight in flaunting their power.

A source who was at Mar-a-Lago at the time of the FBI raid told The Post that it was “like the scene of a ‘Die Hard’ movie” as armored cars came screeching up to the Palm Beach resort Monday morning and “at least 100” FBI agents charged into Trump’s home. “It was totally unexpected,” the source said. “The place was mostly closed today, so the only people there were close personal friends of Trump.

If Trump becomes the forty-seventh president of the United States, he will bring with him an ambition to root out the people who wronged and waylaid him and his voters, most of whom are apparatchiks of the federal bureaucracy. If he is able to reform and reshape the government by removing these entrenched figures and subsequently hands control of the government back to the public by restoring the federal balance of power, he will delegitimize the rule of faceless bureaucrats and largely invalidate the left’s stranglehold on national politics.

For years now, the kingpins who run the Swamp have shown their true colors without consequence or any semblance of accountability. As a result, Americans have lost their right to criticize the administration online, have lost their businesses to rioters and thieves, have lost their jobs because they refused to get the jab, have lost their preferred president to an election marred by fraud and inconsistencies, and have lost the ability to defend themselves against the January 6 Committee and their illegitimate, partisan show trials. Republicans like McCarthy can talk the talk on Twitter, but they have to decide if they are going to keep playing by the rules that power-hungry leftists constantly change to fit their agenda or end the game. The FBI’s deliberate raid on Trump is the biggest sign that it’s time to end the game. If no one is punished, this will happen again. The fact that the FBI has already dredged up a reason to raid a former president’s home means it’s already happening again. While Republicans tweet about how our precious republic has turned into a banana republic, their constituents sit at home, silenced by Big Tech, stranded by federal law enforcement, stripped of the confidence that the bureaucratic rot eating at the nation’s will ever be treated or trustable again.

The bigger problem for Willis is that the supposed “third-party crime” she is investigating never happened. Since the transcript of Trump’s call with Raffensperger has been public for more than one year, the Fulton County prosecutor should know that fact. She likely doesn’t care, however. The question now is whether presiding federal judge Leigh Martin May, a Barack Obama appointee, will care about Willis’s transparent political targeting of Graham and other Republicans.

The raid happened as the former president publicly mulled another election bid, and amid growing FBI interference in state elections. The bottom line of being run by a national security state and its influence operations is the end of self-governance in America. If Americans aren’t allowed to choose who their leaders will be until national security agencies filter the pool, we don’t have a democracy, a republic, or a democratic-republic, we have a security state that uses elections as a facade for tyranny.

Trump patriots are gathered outside. Joe Biden’s FBI with machine guns guard the gates. Watch the video below:

Amplifying pre-existing double standards of justice is far beyond troubling, it’s a destruction of the justice system. A country that harshly prosecutes people or lets them off Scot-free based on their political affiliation is a banana republic. A two-tier justice system is not a justice system. It is a totalitarian system. Its purpose is not justice but population control. The more people see that moving into place, the more likely it is that some guy gets raided by the FBI for political reasons one morning and — God forbid — goes postal because he has no hope for a fair trial after they take him in. We’re watching federal agencies use their powers not to catch criminals but to criminalize peaceful political views and actions. We’re witnessing a growing campaign to lock people up for their opposition to the ruling political party, which is not only profoundly un-American but profoundly dangerous societally. This is the prosecution of a political cold civil war that could very easily heat up again in another January 6-like outburst, or worse.

Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents "It is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024, especially based on recent polls, and who will likewise do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections.

His taxpayer-funded private jet, a state-of-the-art Gulfstream 550 was flying hom to a vacation. > the luxury FBI Gulfstream Wray uses was recorded on Flightradar24 making the one hour and 12 minute flight later that afternoon to bucolic Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks, which happens to be a favorite summer destination since his childhood, when he used to hike the High Peaks and fish for trout, according to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. I’ve always been under the impression that government officials can’t use government aircraft for personal trips, with the only exception being the President of the United States. If Wray tries to claim that he needed to go to his favorite vacation spot on an FBI jet for “business,” that’s scandalous.

And therein lies the problem, Mark Meadows is "dismayed" the DOJ did not do what it was legally required and instructed by the President to do. After 4 years of DOJ deceit, why would Meadows trust them? Slow learner, glutten for punishment or complicit? > In an interview, Meadows said he was **dismayed** that DOJ ignored a lawful instruction from a sitting president and said it was part of a larger dynamic in which the permanent federal bureaucracy repeatedly tied to undercut Trump to protect itself.

cross-posted from: > If Truth Social disclosed false information to investors, would DOJ have acted publicly by now?

The Point of No Return, by Dr. Thomas Sowell
cross-posted from: > If there is one moment that symbolized our degeneration, it was when an enraged mob gathered in front of the Supreme Court and a leader of the United States Senate shouted threats against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, saying "You won't know what hit you!" > > There have always been irresponsible demagogues. But there was once a time when anyone who shouted threats to a Supreme Court Justice would see the end of his own political career, and could not show his face in decent society again. > > Threats and violence were the way the Nazis came to power in Germany. Freedom is not free. If you can't be bothered to vote against storm-trooper tactics — regardless of who engages in them, or over what issue — then you can forfeit your freedom. > > What both state and federal laws do have the right to stop is threats against judges and their families. > > This is not a partisan issue. The Republican governor of Virginia is providing protection to Supreme Court Justices who live in that state. But the Republican governor of Maryland seems to think that harassing judges and their families is no big deal. > > Voters need to find out who is for or against mob rule, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. We are not going to be a free or decent society otherwise.

cross-posted from: > Dr. Simone Gold is one of the few outspoken doctors in the US to stand up to the government’s response to the China coronavirus. > > > "The good doctor was placed with a corrupt Obama Judge. . . placed her in prison for 60 days for her ‘crime.’" > > The Miami Federal Detention Center is a very political Federal Detention Center, where, according to Zoukis Consulting Group, the level of violence is high. According to one inmate, “there is an altercation every day and the use of weapons (e.g., knives, locks, etc.) is not uncommon.”

Establishment media branded the Weaver family “white separatists.” Since the 2020 election, those less than worshipful of Joe Biden are branded “white supremacists.” In practice, as the late Angelo Codevilla explained, that means “anyone whom anyone in power dislikes enough to so label him.” > Federal marshals shot my son Samuel in the back and killed him. He was running home to me. His last words were, ‘I’m coming, Dad.’ They shot his little arm almost off and they killed him by shooting him in the back with a 9-millimeter submachine gun. The gun had a silencer on it. He was not wanted for any crime. He did not commit any crime. The marshals killed his dog right at his feet. He only tried to defend himself and his dog. > Sammy was just 14 years old. He did not yet weigh 80 pounds. He was not yet 5 feet tall. The marshals who killed Sammy were grown men. They were in combat gear. They had their faces painted with camouflage. They were wearing full camouflage suits with black ninja-type hoods. They were carrying machine guns and large caliber semi automatic pistols. They were trained to kill. Two of them were hiding behind trees and rocks in the woods where they could not be seen. The third was around a bend in the trail in thick forest. They were under direct orders from Washington to do nothing to injure the children. They were to have no contact or confrontation with me or my family. They killed him anyway in violation of their orders. One day later, Vicki Weaver was holding infant daughter Elisheba in the cabin doorway when FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot the unarmed mother in the face, killing her instantly. Snipers are trained carefully “to acquire” the target, so there is little chance the shooting was accidental. > completely without warning of any kind, an FBI sniper shot and killed my wife Vicki. He was using a .308 caliber sniper rifle with a specially weighted barrel and 10-power scope. He was using match grade ammunition. He had years of training to kill. I heard him testify at the trial that he wanted to kill. He shot my wife in the head and killed her. She was not wanted for any crime. There were no warrants for her arrest. At the time she was gunned down, she was helpless. She was standing in the doorway of her home. She was holding the door open for me and Sara and for Kevin Harris. She was holding Elisheba, our 10-month-old baby girl, in her arms. As the bullet crashed through her head, she slumped to her knees, holding Elisheba so she would not drop her. We took the baby from her as she lay dead and bleeding on our kitchen floor. As the 30th anniversary of Ruby Ridge approaches, the FBI functions as a Geheime Staatspolizei, an American Gestapo making summary arrests in the dead of night, with a show of overwhelming force. The FBI is also the American Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti or KGB, involved in stagecraft, as the Whitmer kidnapping plot and January 6, 2021 demonstrate. In KGB style, the bureau conducts “special tasks” far beyond the rule of law.

FBI Director Christopher Wray says social media platforms should take more responsibility and moderate content
cross-posted from: > Sounds like the government is asking private companies to censor free speech: > > > “We tried to work with the social media companies and there are things that they can and do using their terms of service and violations of their terms of service to take accounts down and things like that,”

It has become clear to the whole world, that the DOJ will look at your politics, your connections, and your friends before deciding to investigate or prosecute.

The modern day Department of Justice has bought new meaning to the phrase “two standards of justice”

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