Energy Independance
The Biden Administration’s mixed signals to the American oil and gas industry, with frequent blaming of the sector for high gasoline prices and, most recently, a threat of more taxes, are not motivating U.S. producers, either. Many are reluctant to commit to spending more on drilling when there isn’t any medium-to-long-term vision of how the U.S. oil and gas resources could be used to boost America’s energy security and help Western allies who depend on imports.

"Modernize" - why don't they just say refill. And why don't they just use the money they made selling the oil while they were draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? Where did all that money go?

The “simplest and most straightforward way” to explain how bad ESG policies are is that it would be “the destruction of the fossil fuel industry” in West Virginia and that Americans are paying for it through skyrocketing inflation.

The age of nuclear infrastructure, the fact that the technology had entered a phase-out mode in many nations, and the continued resistance to new nuclear projects complicates a quick u-turn for many nuclear programs.

"Within months, almost every region on the planet will face a danger of a diesel shortage just as supply crunches in nearly all the world's markets have worsened inflation and hurt growth,"

European refinery outages are closely monitored after strikes in France led to a severe tightening in the continent's diesel supplies. Supply woes come as the EU plans to cease Russian diesel imports.

cross-posted from: > Hunter Biden-linked businessman attending meetings with high-ranking members of the Obama-Biden administration from the Treasury, Commerce, and Energy Departments to discuss matters including “green energy” and “financial collaboration.” > > The unearthed relationship between National Petroleum Council Member Matthew Rogers, Hunter Biden, and the Thornton Group CEO Michael Lin comes amidst scrutiny of the president’s son’s efforts to sell American natural gas to Chinese Communist Party-owned companies.

cross-posted from: > Primarily water, several crates, and canned food. That would be enough for ten days. That's what my agency recommends… Our message is: prepare in the first place. Be prepared for possible crises, don't assume that everything will be readily available all the time," Tiesler stated, adding that residents should also purchase battery-powered radios and candles.

Nuclear power generation in France has suffered setbacks this year, and currently, just over 50% of the French nuclear power fleet is available.

Crude oil traders have pointed to Europe’s ability to source crude oil from Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States as the main cause for European refiners breathing a sigh of relief. Asia, too, has scooped up less crude oil than analysts were predicting, thanks to China’s neverending battle to obtain the elusive zero-covid goal.

In September, global oil demand was at 101 percent of pre-Covid levels, while crude production was at 99 percent of those levels, the data showed.

Uganda, Central African Republic, Somalia and Democratic Republic of the Congo were the only countries in the world in 2019 to have renewable energy sources make up 90 percent of total consumption.

They finally worked out you need sunshine to generate solar power. UK not know for sunshine

cross-posted from: > The new breakthrough could help dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of ammonia production.

Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency reported that over 400 private jets have landed in the Egyptian coastal city over the past few days while the conference is being held. Speaking on condition of anonymity to the news agency, a source close to local aviation authorities said: “More than 400 private jets landed in the past few days in Egypt,”

cross-posted from: > According to Jeff Flock there are 500,000 jobs in Pennsylvania linked to the oil sector producing $800 billion to the economy. (That number seems a high)

Biden informed voters that the U.S. would be replacing coal plants with wind and solar across the nation. "We're going to be shutting these plants down all across America and having wind and solar power," Biden said. "It's cheaper to generate electricity from wind and solar than it is from coal and oil."

cross-posted from: > Believe it or not, it is possible to have an even worse government response to an energy crisis than that of the US democrats, and Vietnam is it: a tangle of reactions to a constrained petroleum market - including government price controls and distributors' decreasing profits - has worsened the country's gasoline shortage, increasing the burden on domestic refineries.

Dr. Spencer compared all of the climate models from the past 50 years and found that EVERY SINGLE MODEL over-predicted global warming.

China is the big winner Businesses are not just curbing their energy use and continuing on a business-as-usual basis. They are shutting down factories, downsizing, or relocating. Europe may well be on the way to deindustrialization.

Energy Independance

    The long-held goal of “energy independence”—which is not to say that we did not import or export energy, but that we produced more energy than we used.

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