Food Security
They’re shutting down food production to combat warming. What comes next when you can’t feed all the people? Now John Kerry is targeting US farms in his ongoing crusade against global warming the imaginary threat that is affecting all of our lives.

Greek farmer Takis Kazanas, 66, and his four sons run a 230-acre ranch with 300 cattle ranch in the mountains overlooking the Thessalian Plain. While the farmers already capture biogas from cow dung, and use homemade manure vs. chemical fertilizer, Kazanas is one of many farmers up in arms over environmentalist bureaucrats who want to impose crippling new rules on them in order to cut emissions by 55% by 2030 vs. 1990 levels.

Although no official word has been made, it’s unclear how a steel structure like the dairy’s could catch fire so quickly.

“Italy at the forefront” of the movement against fake foods.

The USDA predicts egg prices will increase 29.6% in 2023. Last week, the national average price was $4.96 per dozen eggs, up 96% vs. the prior week, according to USDA data. This is the highest average price so far in 2023.

“It’s stunning that it’s almost identical to what happened in 2021,” Baum said. “Lessons have not been learned.” “FDA continues to be reactive,” Baum continued. “It’s the internal processes that have not been fixed, if this is happening again.”

“Italy had no problem with locking people inside and issuing vaccine mandates. But messing with their food is going a step to far and has awakened them to The Great Reset agenda. They are finally saying no!”

cross-posted from: > On Friday night over 8,000 gallons of latex-based solution spilled into the Delaware River from a chemical plant in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. > > The massive spill caused Philadelphia city officials to send residents an emergency phone alert urging residents to buy bottled water and to not drink their tap water.

Western nations are increasingly adopting plant-based energy sources, such as soybean or canola oils, or even animal fats, in a move to reduce carbon emissions by transitioning away from fossil fuels. This shift has presented a profitable opportunity for vegetable and palm oil producers to redirect some cooking oil supplies toward the transportation sector rather than their traditional use in food production.

cross-posted from: > According to initial results, the BBB, headed by sole MP Caroline van der Plas, will be the largest party in the Senate — polling at more than 30% in some regions. Meanwhile, support for the Government has been slashed. The result is a direct challenge to Dutch PM Mark Rutte, who has been embroiled in a number of scandals, such as gas mining in Groningen at the expense of citizen safety, punishing innocent (often dual-national) citizens for childcare benefit fraud and ongoing Dutch farmer protests about nitrogen emissions. Small wonder, then, that 46% of voters said they were specifically voting against the current national administration.

Farmers’ organization Farmers Defense Force (FDF) hopes to attract 100,000 people for a demonstration in the Zuiderpark in The Hague next Saturday. Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion also plan to block the A12 motorway near The Hague again that day.

race is underway to relocate more than 110,000 pallets of frozen goods worth half a billion dollars from Scott's cold storage warehouses.

cross-posted from: > A new study published at the National Library of Medicine found that chemicals in egg yolks were effective in blocking the COVID virus in the body.


The protest was the culmination of months of dissatisfaction from the nation’s farmers, who have increasingly been gathering throughout the country to not only decry the increasingly difficult regulations, but also the soaring cost of production due to the energy crisis and a lack of water storage for irrigation.

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