Media Bias & Corruption
“The jury effectively ruled investigative journalists owe a fiduciary duty to the subjects they are investigating and that investigative journalists may not deceive the subjects they are investigating,” said O’Keefe, who was named as a defendant in the suit and sat at the defense table during the trial. “Journalism is on trial, and Project Veritas will continue to fight for every journalist’s right to news gather, investigate, and expose wrongdoing — regardless of how powerful the investigated party may be. Project Veritas will not be intimidated.”

Klobuchar revealed the JCPA was never about rescuing mythical small-town newspapers: it’s about cementing the power and influence of established media companies, while crushing their independent competitors on social media. Even with the Cruz-Klobuchar amendment, the JCPA still enables censorship and shuts out the media’s competitors. There are a variety of ways in which the bill, as it is currently written, allows the media cartel to exclude competitors from the benefits of negotiations with tech companies.

Brandt confessed to killing 18-year-old Ellingson because of his politics. Shannon Brandt was released on $50,000 bond on Tuesday. The murder of Cayler Ellingson came two weeks after Joe Biden’s demonic speech in Philadelphia where he declared war against Republicans, conservative, patriots and Trump voters. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC dedicated ZERO SECONDS on the politically motivated murder by far-left radical Shannon Brandt.

The law also addresses the “opaque and unfair allocation of state advertising” which the commission argues may influence public media or subsidize “media outlets that provide government-friendly views.”

cross-posted from: > It’s almost like MSNBCs twin race-hustlers, Tiffany Cross and Joy Reid, are locked in a daily contest in which they try their damnedest to concoct the most ridiculous race-baiting lie of the day. Far as I can tell, it’s pretty much a dead heat. Toss in “justice correspondent” for The Nation, Elie Mystal, on one of their shows, and that day’s race is in the bag. It makes for great entertainment, of course, and the delusion is epic.

Overall, since taking over for Jen Psaki on May 13, Jean-Pierre has not been fact-checked at all by, the Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post or CNN. This is the equivalent of being a toll collector in an E-Z Pass lane, a job that doesn’t require, you know, actually working. The perception of fact-checkers has taken a big hit as a result, at least among Republicans and independents. A Pew Research survey found that seven in 10 self-identified Republicans say fact-checkers favor one side, while nearly half of independents feel the same way.

The New York Times listed no fewer than 14 bylines on its hysterical Martha Vineyard coverage. The Washington Post featured six bylines on a single story. DeSantis was declared “cruel,” “inhumane” and guilty of “human trafficking.” But when it came to the hundreds of secret migrant flights the Biden administration has been sending in the dead of night from the southern border to White Plains airport in Westchester for at least 14 months, crickets.

cross-posted from: > Twitter was once a jungle where corporate media frauds were regularly poached and stuffed and mounted on a daily basis. That’s the real reason they had to shut the whole thing down. Regular people had millions of followers while the so-called titans of American corporate media often couldn’t get 100 people to like any of their tweets. Twitter (2015-2020) was once the place where all the sacred cows got slaughtered. It was the closest thing to the public square that we had left in American culture. That’s why the Democrats censored and deplatformed and purged it first.

Today, not only the vast majority of Republicans—but increasingly millions of swing voters and even some Democrats—are aware of the media’s manipulations and contrivances. As a result, the American people could very well look back on the 2022 midterm cycle as the first truly “post-media” election. - The most striking example of the media’s diminished ability to set political realities is the remarkable extent to which the FBI’s August raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was taken seriously neither by voters nor by elected officials. - Despite the media’s persistent efforts to convince voters that the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act”—widely projected by economists to aggravate inflation and increase consumer prices—would ease Americans’ financial burdens and boost Biden’s faltering approval ratings, voters did not take the bait. Even with headlines claiming the legislation was a “big win” that could “reshape [Biden’s] political fortunes” for the better, that Biden is “on a roll that any president would relish,” and that the legislation was “a crucial achievement for President Biden and his party,” polling released shortly after the passage of the bill indicates that a majority of voters think the legislation will, in fact, make inflation even worse than it currently is—ultimately demonstrating that the media spin was unsuccessful. - Another big media failure this year was the handling of the over-dramatized January 6 hearings, which the left billed as must-watch TV almost certain to bring about Donald Trump’s political demise. But notwithstanding the media’s best efforts—including handing over valuable hours of broadcast network television to a partisan one-sided House Committee—a clear majority of Americans did not even tune in to the hearings, which were found to have had no effect on public opinion on Trump.

NN is a cash cow. Raking in $956.8 million in profits during a recession is pretty darned good. Few cable TV outlets will survive streaming. Fox is an orphan as Disney-plus could easily add ABC News, Peacock could add MSNBC and Warner can add CNN.

cross-posted from: > “The Democrats did not think it was a humanitarian crisis when we pulled over 50 bodies in bodybags out of a truck in Texas of illegal immigrants who died because the smugglers let them die of heat exposure. And yet, suddenly, 50 illegal immigrants show up in lily-white Martha’s Vineyard, where rich liberals and billionaires sip Chardonnay, and it is World War III, they lose their stuff all over the place, and it just shows what utter nonsense it was.”

“Florida Gov. DeSantis sending asylum-seekers to Martha’s Vineyard is like “me taking my trash out and just driving to different areas where I live and just throwing my trash there,” a founding member of a foundation which helps refugees says.” – NBC tweeted this week.

The data was assembled by analyzing and comparing the 2016 and 2020 elections, which created a “poll error” that reveals Democrat Senate candidates in the 2022 cycle “are outrunning expectations in the same places where the polls overestimated Mr. Biden in 2020 and Mrs. Clinton in 2016.” The overestimated Democrat expectations match polling failures in previous elections.

cross-posted from: > Another Newsmatics product is called Affinity Group Publishing. Over the last year they’ve created over 3,900 websites. The sites were supposedly launched to fill those “deserts” lacking any news. > > Give me a break here. > > David Rothstein says “Our planning leads to hiring local journalists to further increase the quality of our localized news content.”. See what they launched in your own State. TGP previously reported how Democrats use an identical scheme. They create local “trusted” news sites that push liberal bias intent on misinforming citizens.

So it is with mass entertainment. Most consumers like choice more than scarcity, prefer quality to political correctness, and dislike being told what they can and can’t enjoy based on nothing more noble than what a handful of self-appointed tastemakers currently happen to be “offended” by. It is no accident that the biggest movie of this year — indeed, of the last few years — “Top Gun: Maverick” is fun, patriotic, and apolitical. That’s the sweet spot at the box office.

cross-posted from: > Harvard is discriminating against Asian applicants in exactly the same way it did against Jewish ones, for exactly the same reasons, with exactly the same results, and exactly the same justifications. But when you look at media analysis of the issue, you get a dozen progressive think pieces about how calling this “racism” is just a conservative talking point.

cross-posted from: > Of course, Big Media like NBC, CNN, and ESPN ran the hoax uncritically, boosting the narrative of the majority white — and Mormon — BYU being a bunch of closet kluxers. > > But there are still no consequences for lying about racism, racist attacks, or “racial heckling.” In fact, the BYU statement encourages it.

These myths are generated by the media

cross-posted from: > A year later, though, the media can no longer deny that what they called misinformation actually has data to back it up. As Matt Shapiro detailed in his Substack post on the matter, “Last year’s misinformation on vaccine-associated myocarditis in young men is this year’s well-established fact.” > > While rates from the latest CDC study are “3-5 times higher for young men than what the CDC was reporting this time last year,” other health experts, whom the media discredited, were ahead of the curve. Data from a study conducted by Tracy Hoeg, MD, Ph.D., and others in 2021 aligns with the latest CDC numbers from 2022.

Media Bias & Corruption

    The Main Stream Media seem to have taken the label “Fake News” as a compliment.

    In fact they have taken it to a whole new level.

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