Liberals “flaunted their moral high ground,” by wearing a plethora of ribbons to identify their various causes and how deeply they “cared” about those causes. [rolling-eyes emoji] It took “America’s anchorman” just 45 seconds to humiliate virtue signalers in glorious fashion.

cross-posted from: > Musk then reportedly started looking for companies he could buy and decided Twitter would be high profile enough so that many people would be able to see and enjoy his dad joke. "It wouldn't be worth buying some small company and bringing a sink in, because then only a few hundred million people would take notice and laugh at this classic gag. It would be too remote to be an effective demonstration." > > "Yeah, I could have spent a little less. But you gotta go big. Do it for the joke," Musk said. "Maybe next time I'll buy Facebook for $300 billion or something. Then I'll build three wells outside their door. They'll open the door and I'll jump out and say, 'Well, well, well.' Ha, classic. Hey Edgar, can you give Zuckerberg a call?" > > Dads across the country praised Musk's commitment to the joke, saying, "Classic!" and "Nice one, bro!"

cross-posted from: > Advanced research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has identified the "You Don't Have To Read It Then!" method as far back as preliterate cultures, where town criers could be ignored with wax stuffed in ears. The research identifies the invention of Gutenberg's printing press in the 1440s as a turning point for ease-of-disregarding, where tractates circulating adverse opinions could be ignored without the use of ear suppression or other materials.

cross-posted from: > "I'm so thankful that Disney is finally listening to its fans and giving us an option to not spend money," said one Disney fan who lives in her car. "It was getting so expensive to renew my annual pass every year." > > Fans and non-fans alike are looking forward to the launch of the new program. "I've hated taking the family to Disney ever since they snuck that gay kiss into Star Wars. Now, I don't have to!" said Dusty Rumples of Oklahoma City. "I'm so relieved."

cross-posted from: > Lemmy kills gifs, follow the link for a typical Norwegian doing typical Nord stuff.

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