cross-posted from: > Apple’s policies governing its App Store have been a target for critics and government regulators around the globe, who have looked at whether its power over pricing and distribution of outside software on its mobile devices harms competition. The Justice Department’s investigation is broader than the App Store, though, and is looking at whether Apple has used its operating system to favor its own products, including hardware, said people familiar with the investigation. By locking down access to iOS, Apple makes the iPhone stickier and discourages users from switching to Android phones.

cross-posted from: > According to the report, both companies are in a monopoly-like position when developing their apps and products compared to their competitors, allowing them to establish their own policies and commission rates. > > The report states that Apple and Google gain a competitive edge in consumer choice for their apps by disabling the uninstallation of pre-installed apps or complicating the process for changing the default settings. > > It called for an “equal footing regarding app store management,” including allowing users to select a third-party payment mechanism rather than requiring them to utilize Google or Apple services.

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