Parental Rights
Anheuser-Busch peddles Budweiser, Bud Light, and other Bud brands, as well as the Busch brands of beers. But here are some brands you might not have known are owned by the company: The Michelob brands; Natural Light and Natty Daddy; Cass; Castle; Corona; Harbin; Estrella Jalisco; Aguila; Beck’s; Stella Artois; Jupiler; Kona; Leffe; Landshark Lager; Modelo; Presidente; Hoegaarden; Labatt; Hurricane; Rolling Rock; Skol; Johnny Appleseed; Shock Top; and Quilmes. Other brands that partner with Anheuser-Busch include: 10 Barrel Brewing; Appalachian Mountain; Blue Point; Breckenridge Brewery; Cisco Brewers; Devils Backbone; Elysian; Four Peaks; Golden Road; Goose Island; Karbach Brewing; Omission Balanced Brewing; Platform Beer Company; Red Hook; Square Mile Cider Company; Veza Sur Brewing; Nirture Cider; Wicked Weed Brewing; Widmer Brothers Brewing; Wynwood Brewing; Hi Ball Energy; Babe; Nutrl; Cutwater Spirits; and Ritas.

Disney stock was trading at $133.65 a share when Chapek accused DeSantis of promoting legislation that would "unfairly target gay, lesbian, nonbinary, and transgender kids and families." Disney shares opened at $89.44 and continued to fall on Wednesday ahead of DeSantis's formal entry into the 2024 presidential campaign. • That's a decline of 33.1 percent in a little over 14 months.

“The bottom line is, the government does not belong in girls’ dorms.”

Disney has made a concerted campaign to push as much gay content into its programming as possible. The company is still waging a legal war against Florida after former CEO Bob Chapek caved to activist employees and publicly denounced the Parental Rights in Education legislation, which has been smeared by corporate media as “Don’t Say Gay.”

Seven in ten North Carolina voters favor greater school choice. Nationally, the figures are the same with 72% favoring greater choice with huge majorities among both Republicans and Democrats. So the emergency is the combination of the voters and democratic change. North Carolina has been ranked 16th on school quality under one study and 29th in another depending on measuring testing scores as opposed to broader criteria. Florida is ranked number one overall, but just implemented greater school choice options.

Why Can’t This Texas Get School Choice Done?
They all argue that the public schools in their districts are working just fine. Really? King represents a Texas Panhandle school district where less than half of students are at or above grade level in reading, and only 40% of students in his district are at or above grade level in math. VanDeaver represents a northeast Texas district where only 52% of students in his district are at or above grade level in reading, and only 43% are at or above grade level for math. Darby’s Central Texas district has less than half of the children reading or doing math at or above grade level. An additional Republican lawmaker, state Rep. Ernest Bailes from the small Southeast Texas city of Shepherd, is voting against choice even though only 27% of students are performing at or above grade level in math in his district. Are these Republicans really arguing this miserable performance is the best Texas can do for its children? The opponents also fail to acknowledge that the bill they oppose actually directs more money per student for rural district schools and higher pay for teachers. Meanwhile, states such as Arizona report improvements in test scores in rural areas once schools had to compete for students with private schools. All this is to say that education choice is proving to be a win-win for Texas children that stay in public schools and the families who are given the funds to opt for better alternatives.

How do you fix this?

Police said the alleged victim is a 16-year-old male student at Yucaipa High School.

“She has been ill-served by advisers who convinced her to start by targeting 6- to 12-year-olds with a flashy, ultra-processed beverage that may not be any healthier than diet soda.” Jerold Mande, a nutrition professor told Bloomberg.

“Evidence showing that Dylan Mulvaney’s audience skews younger than the legal drinking age and that Mulvaney’s social media content appeals to young viewers.” Mulvaney is known for a video series called “Days of Girlhood” documenting the “gender transition” for which he is famous. The series “received over 750 million views in less than 100 days,” the letter said, citing Mulvaney’s talent agency. “The use of the phrase ‘Girlhood’ was not a slip of the tongue but rather emblematic of a series of Mulvaney’s online content that was specifically used to target, market to, and attract an audience of young people who are well below the legal drinking age in the United States.” There’s a precedent for this kind of impermissible advertising. Just ask anyone who was addicted to nicotine in the ’80s and ’90s. Recall the backlash to Joe Camel (the mascot of the cigarette brand Camel) convincing kids to smoke. “Remember the whole Joe Camel thing?” Cruz asked. “This is the same thing here.”

A sizeable LGBTQ-themed selection of children’s apparel, books, and accessories aimed at gender-bending minors.

It will prohibit a school from requiring that an employee or student, as a condition of employment or enrollment or participation in any program, refer to another person by a pronoun that does not correspond to that person’s sex. The legislation said an employee or contractor of a public K-12 educational institution may not provide their preferred pronouns to a student. A student may not be asked by an employee or contractor of a public K-12 educational institution to provide his or her preferred personal title or pronouns or be penalized or subjected to adverse or discriminatory treatment for not providing his or her preferred personal title or pronouns. DeSantis said it’s “inappropriate” to force

For the minors already receiving medications such as puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones prior to the bill becoming law, their fate would be up to the Board of Medicine. Following the bill becoming law, the Board of Medicine would have 60 days to come up with emergency rules on whether minors can still use the drugs.

Jenna Barbee, a 5th grade teacher at Winding Waters K-8 school in Spring Hill, Florida who showed her students an LGBT-themed Disney movie said parents are “ignorant” and have no rights.

Catholic university doesn’t tell girls if they’re assigned to room with biological male
Chang also confirmed that transgender students can qualify for lower room rates, since the school would “consider this an accommodation,” and be prioritized for in-demand rooms.

There is repeated white shaming and a preoccupation with white people as the “oppressor,” including staff field trips with a focus on “systemic racism.” The white saviorism and virtue-signaling at DEI meetings is so condescending that many minorities and other staff members have stopped attending. Our district is no longer academically focused. We are doing our students a disservice by allowing a biased curriculum to take over. We were told we should refer to students by their preferred names and pronouns during the school day, but hide from the parents the fact that their minor children are transitioning at school. The district conceals the transgender policies from the public and will not release the DEI presentations we are compelled to watch.

“It’s time to stop maiming kids. Time to ban the chemical castration of kids. We’ve had enough of child tragedies that have resulted from children being gender-brainwashed and then wanting to return to normality when it’s too late once their bodies have been maimed and hormonal balance disturbed,”

Build-A-Queer Kits Sent to Minors Without Parental Consent
Gender-affirming body modifications like chest binding and tucking can interfere with good health. Rashes, itching, and testicular and penile pain are all common side effects, according to a recent survey.

In case, you know, your six-month-old makes the mature decision to become transgender. It’s never too early to start grooming your kids to think their bodies are defective and to confuse them about their “gender” and sexuality, according to Target!

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