The troll is strong with this one.

I used to want to be a programmer
I tried to learn functional programming. I've talked with recruiters and talked with small business owners. "We only hire the best!" "X language is better than Y language." OOP is the future, FP is the future, NO SQL is the future, NO, SQL wasn't that bad, go back! Every 6 months the technology changed, all of it was hype all the time. But with all that noise, we finally see what they've built. It's crap. Thanks to Elon, we can see behind the curtain of Twitter. It's a pile of crap. Building and maintaining a huge codebase is hard and there are no magic bullets. You need smart, talented people who care about what they leave behind. They could have built something beautiful and elegant. They built crap. That pisses me off.

I did low level programming for 10 years so maybe that's why the procedural style feels much more natural to me. However the point still stands - when you are spending your time debating what a thing is instead of producing code, something is wrong. Programming shouldn't involve epistemology.

I'm starting with Elixer
I fired up Netbeans again looking to get into Java, but I don't like OOP and I had fun with Erlang. I figured I'd give Elixir a try. There are a few things that I'd like to do it would be neat to do them in a language I like.

Like, whatever man.
Post projects meme's. Ask for help. I most likely won't have answers but hopefully someone here will.

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