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So the establishment uniparty wins again. This bill only passes with votes from Democrats. Time for McCarthy's reign as Speaker to end.

McCarthy sold his soul to big corporations long ago. DeSantis is right to fight to protect kids and get rid of these special deals for crony capitalists

The real Dan Crenshaw exposed
cross-posted from: https://exploding-heads.com/post/87175 > Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher exposes some interesting things about > @DanCrenshawTX

"Republicans should not assist Democrats in confirming Joe Biden’s most radical nominees to the courts,"

cross-posted from: https://exploding-heads.com/post/87051 > Reminds me of that story about the guy at a party offering the girl $100 to sleep with him. > > She is offended and says "what sort of girl do you think I am?" > > So he offers $500 - she refuses again. > > This goes on till he finally offers her a million dollars to sleep with him and she says yes. > > To which he replies "now we know what sort of girl you are, let's negotiate on price" > > Corporate America is all too aware what a bunch of whores the GOP is and how cheaply they will sell out their principals and supporters.

cross-posted from: https://exploding-heads.com/post/86978 > Why is January 6th prisoners missing from this list. > > Shame on Washington Examiner for not caring about these people locked up for 2 years without trial. > > Shame on the Rinos for not having dealt with this atrocious human rights abuse.

cross-posted from: https://exploding-heads.com/post/86963 > In January Kevin McCarthy promised to release all the Jan 6 footage from the Capitol and numerous other activities to get this country back on track with the power This has not been done. > > Right now no one is overjoyed with the efforts to date by the GOP House. Americans want to know everything about Jan 6. We want the truth. The crooked DC politicians created a BS Jan 6 committee that never got to the truth. > > There were four Trump supporters that were killed at the Capitol on Jan 6 and only one of these individuals is mentioned in the Jan 6 report. This is why Americans know our nation is corrupt and we want the truth.

Senator McConnell tweeted that he was “looking forward to returning to the Senate on Monday.” The tweet is an apparent attempt to squash the outreach efforts from Senators Barrasso, Cornyn and Thune.

House GOP has some good conservatives who should at least be at the table on this one, but so far, there isn’t any indication that they are. Again, treating them like they are part of the team seems more like lip service than commitment. Conservatives get to have their little investigations but don’t appear to have a shot at crafting anything meaningful on these important issues.

cross-posted from: https://exploding-heads.com/post/86914 > If Bill Barr cares do much about "hard working entrepreneurs" why didn't he do something about their businesses being burnt down during the BLM riots. > > This is just another grift

McConnell is angry at Tucker and McCarthy because he previously condemned the January 6 protests as a “violent insurrection.”

I hope that is a real promise and not just a politician's promise.

cross-posted from: https://exploding-heads.com/post/82269 > Meeting with GOP lawmakers like Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to work on calming Republican skepticism about funding the war effort, and creating “a bank administered by Wall Street firms that would make investments in oil refineries, roads, bridges and other pieces of economic infrastructure

Speaking later on the same program, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie agreed with Sununu that Trump was unlikely to defeat Biden.

cross-posted from: https://exploding-heads.com/post/80257 > Apparently, shooting a 100-pound female Trump supporter in the neck without warning is “doing his job.”

Capitol Hill Club Republicans don’t give a damn about winning another election. As long as they still get invitations to D.C. parties and happy hours while the United States is speeding toward socialist Hell, they’re content.

"I represent the third-biggest state in the country," Scott said in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital. "What they told me today at lunch is the way the rules work, McConnell gets to pick." "So guess who [were] kicked off? Mike Lee and me," the senator continued. Scott said he is "not going to back down" and that he believes he "did the right thing" when he challenged McConnell for his top GOP Senate spot, adding he believes the Senate GOP conference "needs to change."

Lets get rid of these corrupt uni-party Republican Politicians who answer to corporate donors instead of their voters.

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