Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, U.S. on High Alert After Warning of Imminent Iranian Attack
cross-posted from: > Saudi officials said Iran is poised to carry out attacks on both the kingdom and Erbil, Iraq, in an effort to distract attention from domestic protests that have roiled the country since September.

cross-posted from: > What were the Saudi's going to get in return

cross-posted from: > In the Foreign Ministry’s statement, the kingdom confirms that Joe Biden pressured the Saudi royalty to delay cuts in output and lower oil costs for another month until after the midterm election.

cross-posted from: > Simply put, the fact that Biden is going cap-in-hand to Venezuela to offer them a deal to increase crude production (despite Maduro being a "narco terrorist"), confirms the message that Saudi Arabia was implicitly sending with yesterday's OPEC+ decision that they are the boss when it comes to the world's most prized commodity - which despite the outcry continues to be crude oil. > > Summing things up quite succinctly, @BradHuston noted on Twitter: "So basically Biden is saying that domestic producers are more evil than Venezuela's Nicholas Maduro."

cross-posted from: > In 2020 Democrats led by Chuch Schumer refused to purchase oil at $24 a barrel to refill the strategic oil reserves as the Trump administration requested. This was not just an excellent investment but it would have provided immediate relief to domestic producers. Schumer and Democrats blocked the deal. The clear winners of this decision were Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and OPEC. Who is the real “Putin’s puppet?”

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