Stolen Elections
cross-posted from: > And there it is. As our friend Mollie Hemingway noted, "the guy who created the Russia collusion hoax in 2016 and orchestrated the widespread, coordinated campaign to change election laws and processes in 2020 admits this is about the regime rigging yet another election."

cross-posted from: > If Trump becomes the forty-seventh president of the United States, he will bring with him an ambition to root out the people who wronged and waylaid him and his voters, most of whom are apparatchiks of the federal bureaucracy. If he is able to reform and reshape the government by removing these entrenched figures and subsequently hands control of the government back to the public by restoring the federal balance of power, he will delegitimize the rule of faceless bureaucrats and largely invalidate the left’s stranglehold on national politics.

cross-posted from: > The bigger problem for Willis is that the supposed “third-party crime” she is investigating never happened. Since the transcript of Trump’s call with Raffensperger has been public for more than one year, the Fulton County prosecutor should know that fact. She likely doesn’t care, however. > > The question now is whether presiding federal judge Leigh Martin May, a Barack Obama appointee, will care about Willis’s transparent political targeting of Graham and other Republicans.

cross-posted from: > The raid happened as the former president publicly mulled another election bid, and amid growing FBI interference in state elections. > > The bottom line of being run by a national security state and its influence operations is the end of self-governance in America. If Americans aren’t allowed to choose who their leaders will be until national security agencies filter the pool, we don’t have a democracy, a republic, or a democratic-republic, we have a security state that uses elections as a facade for tyranny.

cross-posted from: > Trump patriots are gathered outside. > > Joe Biden’s FBI with machine guns guard the gates. > > Watch the video below:

On Tuesday, about 25 percent of the county’s 95 precincts ran out of ballots or reported they were running low, with local anecdotal reports suggesting many of the shortages affected Republican ballots. Per Gina Swoboda, Executive Director at the Voter Reference Foundation, one polling location ran out of ballots within half an hour. Blame it on human error, again, as elections officials significantly undercounted the number of voters coming to the polls.

“It was mailed to my residence, but I knew it wasn’t the right precinct,” Eisinger said. “I knew who the candidates were where I live. “I went on to my computer and pulled up my voter-registration information, and it opened the sample ballot to sure enough prove that what I received in the mail was not correct.”

“I did my duty and voted early for [Senator Bernie] Sanders. There were twenty people around me planning to vote for [Joe] Biden because they loved Obama…” Ghalib wrote on March 8, 2020. “I got them to vote for Sanders and did their families’ ballot cards myself. Pray for the Jewish guy, don’t let him down,” he joked, apparently pointing out the irony that he would support a Jewish political candidate. In Michigan, it is a felony to influence an absentee voter who is filling out their ballot. It is also illegal when completing another person’s absentee ballot to instruct them on how to vote.

Finally some common sense from California

Now, critics suspect there could be foul play in certain counties, where votes for Kent are being rejected, including his own.

56% of Likely U.S. voters believe every state should require that ballots be available immediately after elections for bipartisan voter reviews to enhance election confidence and transparency. Only 23% are against ballot reviews, while another 21% are not sure.

It's simple. If there is nothing to hide, do a hand recount with independent observers. Anybody against that basic transparency is probably in on the steal.

The regime does not want accurate polling available as they execute their stealing of elections. The regime says: > there have been occasional concerns about market manipulation to increase the perception of a candidate’s performance. And the fake news polls are more accurate, I think not.

Following the election, Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos reluctantly hired retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gabelman as Special Counsel to investigate the 2020 election. Justice Gableman disclosed during the hearing that nursing homes in the Zuckerberg-funded cities had a 95% to 100% turnout. This is clear voter fraud they discovered. It was no secret in the past months that Michael Gableman was frustrated with Robin Vos as he continued to investigate the Wisconsin elections. This weekend Michael Gableman cut a robocall in support of Robin Vos’s opponent Adam Steen in the upcoming Wisconsin primary.

Because Nessel can’t make it obvious that she’s using her position as a tool to harm Matt DePerno, she’s allegedly shopping for a special prosecutor in Oakland County to do her bidding.

Trump cannot run with DeSantis. DeSantis is disqualified by the rules of the electoral college. Two candidates cannot run from the same state, or your ticket loses the electoral votes of that state (for either President or VP). No Republican ever afford to give up the valuable electoral votes of Florida. No one seems to know this. So, I’m making sure everyone knows this problem, before they get shocked and disappointed. Trump is precluded by the rules of the electoral college from running with DeSantis.

Georgia Secretary of State did not check or supervise or verify the results of hand recounts from Georgia counties. In other words, the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is not doing his job. It took independent investigators and concerned citizens to uncover the bad practices in Fulton County.

Why? So the can steal the election again?

Washington’s Democrat Governor was hated after his tyrannical actions during the COVID crisis. Then somehow, Jay Inslee won the election for governor in the state.

MC4EI asked top election officials Chris Thomas and Daniel Baxter if any of the 20 satellite voting centers tabulated votes. Daniel Baxter replied, “No, they don’t tabulate there,” he replied. So, if “they tabulate” votes at the satellite counting centers, why were four tabulators being delivered to the Heilmann Rec Center that doubles as a satellite voting center, one month before the November 3, 2020 election, as discovered by the MC4EI team in the drop box surveillance video seen below?

Tyranny begins when elections are stolen and the government loses the consent of the governed.

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