What could possibly go wrong with this plan…
cross-posted from: > According to 4 Star General Laura Richardson, Biden has asked Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and six other Latin American nations to send their old Russian weapons to Ukraine in exchange for new U.S. military equipment.

Female Olympic Shooter Gabby Franco Censored from LinkedIn for Showing Her Guns, Comes Up with a Soluition
cross-posted from: > Gabby Franco was the first female shooter to represent Venezuela in the Olympics. As an accomplished author, speaker, competitive shooter, and instructor, she is recognized worldwide for her shooting skills. > > Essentially LinkedIn, a website dedicated to professionals sharing their curriculum veritas and other occupational information, removed content from one of their members who was promoting occupational information. > > When it comes to advertising, they note firearms are prohibited. > > Alright, this was not an advertisement, it was a post.

Venezuelan opposition removes "interim President" Guaido
The Biden administration has been negotiating directly with Nicolas Maduro through back channels on matters ranging from oil sales to the release of several imprisoned CITGO executives this year. We may not be calling Maduro the president, but we’ve certainly treated him like one.

cross-posted from: > On Saturday, the U.S. granted an expanded license to Chevron to resume oil production — in Venezuela.

Shunned Biden Flip-Flops On Dealing with 'Dictator' Maduro, Offers Venezuela Deal For Crude Production Hike
Simply put, the fact that Biden is going cap-in-hand to Venezuela to offer them a deal to increase crude production (despite Maduro being a "narco terrorist"), confirms the message that Saudi Arabia was implicitly sending with yesterday's OPEC+ decision that they are the boss when it comes to the world's most prized commodity - which despite the outcry continues to be crude oil. Summing things up quite succinctly, @BradHuston noted on Twitter: "So basically Biden is saying that domestic producers are more evil than Venezuela's Nicholas Maduro."

cross-posted from: > In 2020 Democrats led by Chuch Schumer refused to purchase oil at $24 a barrel to refill the strategic oil reserves as the Trump administration requested. This was not just an excellent investment but it would have provided immediate relief to domestic producers. Schumer and Democrats blocked the deal. The clear winners of this decision were Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and OPEC. Who is the real “Putin’s puppet?”

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