War in Ukraine

cross-posted from: https://feddit.it/post/96544 > Russia's invasion has changed the world, but perhaps nowhere outside Ukraine has the transformation forged by Moscow’s guns, tanks and missiles been as immediate and far-reaching as along Poland’s border.

cross-posted from: https://exploding-heads.com/post/50594 > Twenty-five years ago this month, Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova formed the GUAM consultative forum to counter Russian efforts to keep them within Moscow’s orbit via the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and to promote their own integration with the democratic West. > > Putin’s war in Ukraine has done even more to boost the importance of GUAM for its members; increase the interest of others, especially Turkey; and alarm Moscow with the prospect that a group mostly devoted to democratization and economic cooperation will now take on a security dimension as well.

The Making of Modern Ukraine
From the site: "...The class syllabus for The Making of Modern Ukraine offers an introduction to this critical course. “Often the most important historical experiences are difficult to see. Ukraine tends to exemplify the major trends in European and world history, but sometimes in forms so intense or radical that they escape notice and classification. Ukraine provides an early example of European state formation and an early example of anti-colonial rebellion.” "

The Ukrainians also dusted off the Bucha playbook, i.e., accuse Russia of atrocities, and are pushing the story that they discovered “mass” graves in Izyum of corpses allegedly executed by Russia. The western media is insisting that is the only possible conclusion. But they ignore the fact that there were a lot of Ukrainian KIA during Russia’s capture of Izyum in March. Russia did not leave the bodies to rot in the sun. They buried them in mass graves. U.S. intelligence has the technical resources to monitor what Russia was doing in Izyum at the time. If Russia was executing Ukrainian soldiers, western intelligence would have the proof. Hell, even back in World War II with ancient technology, the United States and the UK learned about the Soviet massacre of Polish officers and literati in the Katyn forest and covered that up in order to protect Stalin. Do you really believe that western intelligence covered up Russian atrocities for five plus months in order to put out the horrible news now?

For months now, Russia has been chewing its way deeper into Ukraine territory, averaging about 1km/day (that's 0.02 MPH for people whose countries landed men on the moon). After a brilliant feint to the south which caught the Russians deploying the wrong way, and caught the pundidiots cock-a-doodling about the "failure" of Not The Main Offensive Effort, the Ukrainians massed their forces in the north instead, and have averaged advances of 20km/day. Put another way, Russia has demonstrated that their tanks can go 20x faster in reverse than they go in forward gear.

Starts to remind me the plot from Foundation

> Meanwhile, Russia’s death cult leaders are growing utterly shrill. Putin’s foremost propagandist, Margarita Simonyan, goes on national television to threaten that there are only two acceptable outcomes for this war: Ukraine’s defeat or a nuclear apocalypse. what are your plans?

War is organized murder and nothing else.

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