SKALE Crypto Network: SKALE Token & Ethereum dApps | Gemini
Covers how the SKALE crypto network and its ERC-777 token — SKALE token (SKL) — help build Ethereum dApps to foster the decentralized blockchain movement.

Key to the SKALE infrastructure is the simultaneous deployment of myriad Elastic Sidechains, which are highly configurable blockchains that enable users to select their chain’s size, consensus protocol, virtual machine, parent blockchain, and additional security measures. Once configured, users pay a monthly subscription fee in SKALE (SKL) tokens to create their Elastic Sidechain, enabling the provisioning and deployment of dApps. The ERC-777 SKL token also facilitates network staking rewards and governance.

Crypto - Skale

    The adoption of Ethereum-based applications - and decentralized solutions in general - depends on scaling transaction throughput, transactions per second, latency, connectivity to API-based wallets, cost-effectiveness, seamless messaging between chains, and much more.

    Using an execution layer solution like the SKALE Network is highly effective for building and scaling Ethereum-based applications, ranging from games to decentralized finance to productivity, media applications, and everything in between.

    The SKALE network supports an unlimited number of independent blockchains with zero gas fees, instant finality, and high transaction throughput. SKALE is the first live blockchain with Linear Scaling. As more nodes join the network, the capacity of the network also grows.

    SKALE’s advanced cryptography and pooled security model enables speed and decentralization without sacrificing security, allowing developers to deliver an exceptional experience to end-users free of any gas fees or latency.

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