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Getting something off her chest! WNBA star Brittney Griner speaks out to defend her ‘itty bitty’ breasts in very revealing Instagram images, admitting she ‘loves being naked’

‘I love myself and I love my body!’ she wrote, using the hashtag #tittytuesday.


‘I love being naked and I don’t care people seeing this bird chest of mine and making fun of it! Go head! I love myself and I love my body! So in saying this… Ayyyeeee u know what day it is #tittytuesdayy #birdchestgang #loveyou #ittybittytittycommittee [sic],’ she concluded.

From The Daily Mail.

Peopel just wilding.


In her dressing room at Conan O’Brien’s late-night show, the 6’8" women’s-basketball wunderkind Brittney Griner is flipping through a rolling rack of men’s shirts with one of her very large hands—they’re bigger than LeBron James’—while also keeping her eyes on the iPhone she’s palming in the other.

Hands bigger than King James.

The event is three days away, and she needs something to wear with the gorgeous black suit that her stylist, Kellen Richards—who’s also Ellen DeGeneres’ fashion adviser—had custom made for her. “With Ellen, we choose women’s clothes and add menswear touches,” says Richards’ assistant, when asked to compare dressing the two women. “With Brittney, it’s all men’s. And it’s edgier.” (The last time she wore a dress, Griner tells me, was at her mother’s request, for her high school graduation. Never again.)

She retreats into the tiny bathroom to change from her low-slung jeans and Nike T-shirt—the company has signed her to model its menswear, the first time a woman has had that gig—into her suit for Conan.

Oh, OK, wow.

At the WNBA’s rookie orientation, Griner says she declined to participate in a session about makeup application and how to dress. “I don’t need that shit,” she says without rancor, adding that the only lecture she appreciated was one on 401(k)s.

Par for the course.

More at Elle.

Biden could have started WWIII just by telling Russia to off it, rather than this whole Ukraine mess.


…a thought occured to me… what if she IS a tranny, just not the fashionable kind where you pop some pills and post on instagram. Maybe she is the 0.001% who are born intersex

Everything about her screams man, but then she plays so girly, bizzare contrast to her huge frame

Yeah she moves like a woman. A giant 7 foot bare chested freak of a woman but I mean that just makes her a outlier on a curve, not impossible.

She dresses like a man and tries to mimic manly facial expressions in pictures but I think that’s just because she’s a huge lesbo and not a trans.

I could be wrong though. That thing could have had their pp cut off at birth or something.

Yeah, yeah, the other trannies like Zoey Tur or Bruce Jenner are still manly and aggressive.

This Brittney is rather sheepish and introverted looking, almost like she’s embarassed to be this big

But good lord she’s a giant

personally I kind of don’t care because idk if women should be playing sports to begin with

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