Another government policy that inflicts the very harms it's meant to prevent

The stark reality is that enforcement of drug laws isn’t the answer to the fentanyl crisis—it’s the very reason we have a fentanyl crisis.

That crisis is also driven by regulatory crackdowns on prescription opiates, which drive both addicts and those with legitimate needs away from pills of uniform quality and dosage and into the dicey, deadly realm of black market alternatives.

Though it’s contrary to intuition and a shock to many people’s sensibilities, the proper response to the fentanyl crisis and other collateral damage of the war on drugs is clear: across-the-board drug legalization.

That isn’t an endorsement of drug abuse any more than legalized alcohol endorses alcohol abuse — which, it should be noted, has a death toll that rivals if not exceeds that of drug abuse.

Rather, full legalization of both production and possession is the logical position for those who understand that policies must be judged not by their intentions, but by their results.


The opiate crisis in particular is a result of regulation and poor regulation.

You start with a drug pushed to government and certified as less addictive. Then you get the drugs for free through company health insurance. Then they’re resultantly over prescribed. Then when the people addicted to the free supply are cut off they can’t get any substitutes legally so they go to the illegal market. The illegal market slowly moves people to more profitable alternatives.

So it’s not just legal and not just illegal, it’s both, and the combination is lethal.


Well said

Drug Addiction
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