Politicized intelligence is not a new phenomena. It happened during the War in Vietnam as President Johnson and Secretary of Defense McNamara pressured CIA analysts, George Allen and Sam Adams (those are real names) to change their conclusion that the Viet Cong had not been decimated by U.S. and South Vietnamese military operations. George, who…

The Ukrainians also dusted off the Bucha playbook, i.e., accuse Russia of atrocities, and are pushing the story that they discovered “mass” graves in Izyum of corpses allegedly executed by Russia. The western media is insisting that is the only possible conclusion. But they ignore the fact that there were a lot of Ukrainian KIA during Russia’s capture of Izyum in March. Russia did not leave the bodies to rot in the sun. They buried them in mass graves. U.S. intelligence has the technical resources to monitor what Russia was doing in Izyum at the time. If Russia was executing Ukrainian soldiers, western intelligence would have the proof. Hell, even back in World War II with ancient technology, the United States and the UK learned about the Soviet massacre of Polish officers and literati in the Katyn forest and covered that up in order to protect Stalin. Do you really believe that western intelligence covered up Russian atrocities for five plus months in order to put out the horrible news now?


“KIA” means being killed by the Russians and their expeditionary colonial forces. As there is (according to the Russians) no war, their forces, since invading Ukraine, carry on committing mass, serialized and organized murder. The status of a victim – a bystander or an active defender – doesn’t change the fact. Russians mean murder, as much as Heinz means beans.

So, keep doing flip-flops – reality doesn’t care.

War is organized murder and nothing else.

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