"We can't trust the DOD and the secretaries of the services to change their position and go from being hostile and aggressive towards Christians fighting the mandate and suddenly completely change," said attorney R. Davis Younts.

Another issue yet to be resolved is related to the removal of adverse actions from service members’ files, said Younts, who claims multiple unvaccinated clients were fired from their command positions because, they were told, their superiors had lost confidence in their ability to command as a result of their vaccination status or request for religious exemption.

“Taking a letter of reprimand or adverse action out of a file doesn’t address that they were relieved of command for cause,” Younts argued, adding that it still leaves them ineligible for promotions, derailing their careers. This “applies to thousands of military members,” he said, who can’t be promoted, “go to training, or get leadership assignments.”

Military Intelligence Ha Ha Ha!!!

    Military Intelligence - The ultimate oxymoron at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill.

    We are for a strong military that is:

    • loyal
    • well led,
    • well trained,
    • better equipped then our competitors,
    • obeys the constitution,
    • is subject to civilian leadership
    • is used sparingly,
    • fights to win, then gets out.

    We are not for stupidity. Too much of what the military does falls outside of these bounds, and as much as we love the military - they must be called out for it.

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