The dilemma is a familiar one within MAGA’s anti-vax subculture, where even once-sacred cows like former President Donald Trump and Fox News host Sean Hannity, both of whom crowed about the importance of the vaccine, have been left tarnished, to an extent, by the science.

Adams’s sarcastic intonation seemed to suggest that the recent video was a nod to his many online critics, more a genuflection than a sincere admission of error.

Covid19 is much more then a virus.

  • To many it has been a tool to grab power over the masses,
  • To others it has been a money making machine,
  • Others mourn the loss of family and friends to the virus or its treatment protocols
  • Many fear the biggest catastrophe is still to come from the long tail effects of the “vaccines” aka gene therapy.

Covid has destroyed the trust many had in government, the medical establishment, their doctors and pharmacists, and main stream media.

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