Easily fixed in 5 easy steps:

  • truly get rid of VAX mandates and associated punishments
  • get rid of woke indoctrination programs
  • believe in the greatness of America
  • hold generals accountable for performance and lost wars. Get rid of woke and disloyal generals
  • most importantly, get a new President. Nobody wants to put their lived on the line for a President that is corrupt, compromised and suffering from dementia.

If my kids get drafted, I told them to defect to Russia. I doubt they’ll send girls to the front lines even if they do get drafted.


But they may not know how to define a girl

Military Intelligence Ha Ha Ha!!!

    Military Intelligence - The ultimate oxymoron at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill.

    We are for a strong military that is:

    • loyal
    • well led,
    • well trained,
    • better equipped then our competitors,
    • obeys the constitution,
    • is subject to civilian leadership
    • is used sparingly,
    • fights to win, then gets out.

    We are not for stupidity. Too much of what the military does falls outside of these bounds, and as much as we love the military - they must be called out for it.

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