Free forum was great, but it’s Time to evolve. When I first opened this community, it’s served as a beacon of hope, in the world of censorship. Hundreds gathered to it on The now defunct website ruqqus Wanting to speak their mind, not having to worry about the feelings of sensitive beta males, Butt hurt gay anus lovers, SJW’s And professional Rosie O’Donnell impersonators reeeeing hard over anything and everything. It’s time to have fun again and it is time to take big creamy shits on the narrative again. This is a right wing and libertarian community. I will never pretend again that people on the other side will participate in communication and debate with us like they did so long ago. I am asking all of you to share this community everywhere with friends, family and social media. I encourage you to let your humorous side show, treat others fairly in this community, except for Commies, because they’re not actually real people and do your best to honor God and all that you do and if you don’t believe in God, that’s cool too, but I am myself I’m a believer of Jesus Christ. I encourage all of you to comment and like things being posted and to make people feel like family here.


idk what’s going on but I am here for it

BTW DMT occurs naturally to create dreams in the brain I believe (the substance or drug)

What is DMT?


DMT is a Psychedelic drug

Made from Microwave Tacos?

DMT Dank Microwave Taco

    Let’s take a trip on DMT. Welcome to the Dank Microwave Taco or DMT for short. Anything and everything goes in here. Be sure to share your experience on DMT with your friends, family and social media. @WiggleHard bans nothing and exiles nobody (Dont doxx wolfballs users, no posting of porn/nudes or foot fetish material unless it involves political scandals, no ads for sex sites or dating sites; do that on your own time, no solicitation for pyramid scams, no posting job advertisements unless from official job sites, no posts supporting pedophilia, not all love is love) also: (we cannot allow violations of the patriot act concerning how we speak, no calls for violence, suggesting you are personally harming someone ect. These things are not free speech protected by law but actually against the law and could get the website shut down.) (no spam posting, especially spam posting of what could be considered symbols of hate) examples: guy posting nazi flag 5 times in one day, guy posting “whitey is the devil over and over, im going to use my best judgement on this one rule)

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