Vanilla OS
Vanilla OS is an Immutable Linux-based distribution which aims to provide a vanilla GNOME experience.

I saw a vid pop up about how this distro could be the “end of distro hopping”, by which I think they have a simple installer and can run lots of software

(Ubuntu based currently, moving to Debian eventually as a base)

I am thinking of moving to it. It seems like a cool project since I fuck up my system very often.


Im just so confused by everything linux, not sure where to start


Linux Mint is just like using windows - a very easy chsnge

For beginning get on Linux mint. Learn how to do basic stuff in the terminal like updating the system, installing packages, manipulating files, using vim (to quit you type ZZ in normal mode), etc.

After that try something more advanced like EndevourOS, Garuda Linux or ArcoLinux to see how to mitigate and fix common problems on more “unstable environment”.

Then when you feel competent enough try to install Arch manually. From there everything else is downhill.

You don’t have to use Arch. It is just learning experience.

I’ve been enjoying EndeavourOS. It’s weird they don’t enable Bluetooth by default but other than that it’s felt just like a better Manjaro.

And with all the recent drama around Manjaro I don’t want to use them.

I don’t want to use Ubuntu because of their snaps being proprietary . Flatpacks work great in arch.

I’m trying steam in a flatpac and it works pretty nice so far.

I like the idea of having a core OS with only a few fully native apps so I can purge almost everything and start over when ever I want.

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