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Surprised they don’t direct you to police stations so you can turn yourself in…that’s probably coming.

They need to do the same for EVs before that gets out of hand.

It also makes it illegal for video cameras to be aimed in a manner that includes public spaces like the road in front of your house. I haven’t heard how this will effect car cameras.

And yet, Amazon is rolling in federal contracts. This is all gaslighting from the Joebama administration, which has shown time and time again they don’t give a rat’s ass about workers.

One (almost) down, many more to go.

The cracks in the Musk pyramid scheme are starting to widen.

They murdered Fred Hampton with FBI help so this is hardly surprising.

Owhership is a thing of the past. They do not want you to own anything; no access to a house, no access to education, no access to healthcare, without being indebted to corporation beyond your ability to pay. Even access to food or a woman’s access to her uterus will be beyond the means of most. Farmers must now use equipment they cannot repair to plant seed they do not own.

We need to breed some Harry Potter “mandrake root” and plant them near all doorbell cameras. Give Amazon hours and hours of screeching. I wonder how long before a camera owner is sued?