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When they’re joining an organisation where tons of prominent officials have been Nazis (not neo, actual people in the SS who helped orchestrate the holocaust). Yeah, I wonder why that label is being used.

The threats against US big tech by the EU has always been teethless posturing. Nothing more. They will never actually ban one of them, I’ll eat these words if they do.

What's the fediverse equivalent to art and literature sharing sites like Deviantart and Wattpad?
I like the concepts of both platforms, Deviantart and Wattpad, but both have been going down the tubes, and the argument can be made that they have *always* had a pretty big cringe problem. Is there a platform or platforms more geared toward artists and/or writers like either of those two centralized sites? Pixelfed maybe? But I get the impression that it's more Instagram as opposed to Deviantart. Writefreely for Wattpad? Are either very similar to those centralized sites at all?

Is there a fediverse platform similar to Tumblr?
I think Tumblr has a pretty unique style in terms of how it works. Even though it's completely centralised, it already *almost* feels like it's federated. So is there an actual fediverse platform that's similar to it?