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We are headed into a mass spiritual drop and then shit is going to get bad.

It’s already started and tptb are doing all they can to stave it off with junk food, junk tv and porn, which will only make the inevitable worse

This is a fun part of the cycle- the time the pedophiles that are so sure they are the majority start to realize they’re not. Right after that they realize all those people they just realized outnumber them are coming after them. That’s the best part of the cycle.

Keep heckling, child fuckers

He sounds like the gym coaches I had as a kid where they really wanted to call some of them faggots and pussies but they valued their jobs too much.

Imagine acting like you’re pro democracy and your entire platform is giving everyone an equal chance and every person, even the ones in your party, know you stole the fuck out of an election and you got where you are purely by cheating. What does that say about your beliefs?

If people that align themselves with the businesses that kill and fuck kids still think they’re the good guys they are too far gone already.

It’s really strange how pedophiles think conservative are these awful monsters and then attack complete nigger loving pussies like the Republicans in office

You’d think they’d just shut up and act like it doesn’t affect them. Everyone else just thinks good, the child fuckers hate it, we should do more of the same.

The first of many dating apps falling to this grossness.

Straight apps are full of pretannys too.

Awfully fucking strange how not one politician has mentioned the unheard of crime wave throughout the country. That’s darn strange, I tell ya. I wonder why?

Liberals on that pedo site said it’s doing fine but I think I’ll believe the side that hasn’t lied about everything in the last ten years.

Pedophiles (all leftists) lie so much they could tell me water is wet and I’d call bullshit.

It’s a pretty good strategy to do the opposite pedos do.

The great thing is leftist pedos say this isn’t happening and the beer is selling just as it always was.

Looking at it objectively, when two sides contradict each other I’m going to listen to the side that isn’t always lying, plotting and hiding the truth. That’s a big reason I stopped associating with liberals, they don’t live in the real world and lie constantly.


Whites may be shit on in every facet of society but they are still top of the pile dating and sex wise. Yes, even lesbian cat hat marchers know this. That’s why they hate them, because they can’t have them. They are angry that someone is so clearly out of their reach. Guarantee all those complaining about white men would gladly get pumped by Roy Stalin or Greg Tolan

After they finish with everyone else they turn on each other.

Satanism is just a way for them to justify doing whatever the fuck they want and then you’re the asshole for getting upset. It’s ‘just a prank bro’ religion.

I would as well

and it’s darn strange how we never heard of the number of kids killed by guns when there’s shootings in Chicago. Or Baltimore. Or Birmingham. Or New Orleans. Or Oakland. Or Detroit. Or New York City.

I wonder why they only write articles like this after a school shooting. I just can’t understand it. It’s a real puzzler.

It was funny when Boomers were middle aged and acting like people gave a shit what they thought. Now they are elderly. Fuck off back to the home, grampa.

No one should take joy from one individual and forget the guilt of millions of evil people.

Because they want to monitor you. They want to make sure you’re doing what they want you to do and not daring to question or get critical of what they’re doing. And they want to record everything you do and sell it to corporations that see you as just cash to get from your pockets if they market to you correctly.