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I don’t like this 100% anti woke. If they are doing what they what they are supposed to and not making the company worse why not keep them.

Yeah, true. But I have no idea what should be posted there to make it active.

Not yet. A few days ago I started building my own store. I have not published it yet since it isn’t finished but I have plans to succeed.

I don’t think you would need to get legal for extra $500-$1000 a month. If you get more successful (maybe getting more than $5000/month) of course you would want to register a company.

Start a business. No, not kidding. Find a host; install wordpress; install some theme; install woocomerce; start dropshipping or reselling stuff.

Hah, I guess I am not as “lucky” as you when going abroad. Everywhere I go the locals make so delicious stuff.

I found that when you don’t think about sweets you don’t want to eat them.

I miss the original wolfballs a bit. Here we aren’t all as active and the topics aren’t as diverse as they were on WB. A lot of the people from WB are either missing or are passive users. I, myself check what is going on here everyday but hardly ever comment.

Yes, I think so. The .04 releases are LTS normally.

Look at the modlog.

Banned Kaiser Rotepille reason: Offensive Language

Be sure to unlock the bootloader and get some custom rom. It polishes the experience and removes all the bloatware. https://forum.xda-developers.com/f/moto-g-stylus-moto-g-pro-roms-kernels-recoveri.9929/

It’s just a prank bro

As others suggested Matrix or XMPP. I would suggest XMPP over matrix because matrix had some problems with too much metadata and I think Jewish advertising company behind it (Will find the sources hen I have more time).

As for voice: it isn’t really federated but I’ve heard that Mumble is great option.

U sure u got the right pills? ;-)

I hope you feel better soon.

Forgot to turn my server on today. Hope my father reads his messages soon.

The best part about painful shits is when you finish them

I made myself chocolate milk. I don’t think it was the right choice during “no junk food” but it is not as bad.

I am trying to not eat any junk food today
Today I am trying not to eat any junk food but it is pretty hard 😅. It is 3:30PM and I still have not many hours left but I really want to take just one candy. I am thinking of swapping it for a spoon of honey.

Kapow account compromised?
Hey guys, Recently I noticed that there has been this community called !x7finance. Obvious advertising community which is against the rules. Today the community !cultdao has been made and there Kapow has made several posts which are also obviously advertisements. Kapow himself has made normal posts after the cult dao posts so I don't know... What do you think? It is kind of worrying.

Folklore music edition Share local folklore music

One of the most famous game crackers made a lemmy.ml community because she was banned on reddit. She is a censorship hater so you won't believe what happened next
![](https://exploding-heads.com/pictrs/image/a7d2ea9a-72f6-4453-8fdc-735f6d4b4ad5.png) ![](https://exploding-heads.com/pictrs/image/025f1d18-a147-4574-8309-a2fd8e1049ee.png) Kek Edit: as it looks like [lemmy.ml users don't like her](https://exploding-heads.com/post/83120) and her subreddit has also been banned ![](https://exploding-heads.com/pictrs/image/9b0fdc0e-cbe9-4890-9b00-5bcafe4c753c.png)