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That Rob Colbert guy has also explained in a video why “ActivityPub sucks” on his opinion.

Taboo and illegal to discuss? I learned about the subject from history books and school. TV and YouTube are filled with WW2 documentaries about Hitler and the Nazis. The reasons for their rise (e.g. blaming the Jews for societal problems, approptiating things from socialists, appealing to people stricken by Germany’s economic problems) have been extensively covered. What in particular is so “taboo and illegal” about this subject?

Oooh, we have a genius here! In case you were too nosy to not notice, here’s what this community is about.

About the subject itself, is OP suggesting that fake PR events should be made to promote Fediverse or something? That’s only how this would make sense.

No I won’t, the weather is too cold for her to get here anyways. Also it looks like Exploding Heads is becoming a place for Wolfballs refugees.

How long until it replaces Jerry Seinfeld? Wonder what he, Larry David & co think of this - not that this breaks any copyrights.

Nothing of value was lost, I’m glad that Wolfballs never grew big enough to be “the Gab of Lemmy instances”.

For one there are a lot of real nazi’s on the internet. I thought most of them were fake trolls just shit posting for lulz.

Geez, the guy realized that by creating an instance based on free speech absolutism he would attract Nazis and other vermin. It’s the same story over and over again. One commenter at Reddit’s /r/RedditAlternatives put it brilliantly:

It’s always the same story. It’s like kids who despise their parent’s stupid rules, but when they become parents they discover why their parents had those “stupid” rules. Every free speech advocate thinks they’re going to fling the doors open and let people say whatever they want, until the nazis and pedos show up. Then they discover why every previous admin employed censorship.

Oh, some progress has been made: Zucc’s avatar no longer looks like a Mii!

OL3 has been built for 17 years, so it’s about time!

It is also among the most expensive buildings in the world with the cost of 12,4 billion dollars.

That “news site” looks like a shitty tabloid aimed at the MAGA crowd. The “source” it cites looks to be a conservative think tank.

It depends whether the religion in its scriptures advocates for peace and nonviolence. In Buddhist scripture violence is condemned and there is the principle of “ahmisa”, also in Hinduism and Jainism. Of course even this doesn’t stop some Buddhist communities promoting violence, the most notable example of which is persecuting the Rohingya in Myanmar.

Really sad how the symbol’s meaning was tainted forever because of the Nazis. Any attempts to reclaim the symbol have not gone really well, it may require many generations to pass.

And here THL (The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) made a similar statement (in Finnish, no English one yet) calling for more regulation of loot boxes and clarifying the legislation regarding them.

“Several studies have found that the purchase of loot boxes is linked to problem gambling behavior, so their use as part of games needs to be clarified. The most questionable surprise boxes are those in games marketed to minors, whose mechanism of operation is similar to gambling and potentially makes minors more susceptible to gambling,” says Sari Castrén, Head of Research at THL, in the press release.