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Yea grab is pretty cool. So far I’m really liking it. How do you think exploding-heads.com promotes?

I see. Good Stratagy might adopt that. so far, what’s your favorite instances?

Well, lemur doesn’t get updated hasn’t in the past 2 years. Jerboah though, has been getting updates

Interesting I am really trying hard to do the same. I want to use mewe as my reddit alternative eventually

As soon as you teach me how to code lol I’ve honestly been thinking about buying a no code reddit app or I’m not sure how you would word that. Forum I guess. So i can just start with the awesomeness and promote and get ppl joining

So, how is everyone doing?
Just wanted to touch base with everyone. Are yall migrating to the freeforum group on gab? I'm on there I know some others as well. Sense wolfballs is gone, besides exploding-heads.com what else are you using? I was also thinking, I know this sounds gay, but what would happen IF we created a freeforum sub on reddit? What do you guys think on that?

YAY! The Jerboah app is working with exploding heads again!
I think like two weeks ago when exploding-heads.com did the update, I couldn't access the server from the jerboah app ( I just like accessing stuff through apps don't judge me) I was kind of scared lemmy banned it

Okay that’s good to know. Thank you for letting me know. How has your progress been so far?

What exactly do you mean about them blocking people from using the Android app which specific people?

I think it will so you used to be on Wolf balls? Gab is okay I just really wish there was a down vote option getting really tired of they’re not being one on all these social media sites

Introducing myself
Hey guys I'm new here. Sense Wolfballs.com shut down I'm looking for a new home. How is it here? I'm going to read the rules but any insight would be very nice from users. What are somethings to avoid so that I do not get banned? About how active would you say it is here?