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End all be all stuff folks

I typically smoke a vape, and then watch Avril Lavigne play guitar because I like hot chicks that play rock ‘n’ roll

I do admit that I suck at tech, but as far as I know the other administrator and user master of balls are apparently going to work on this update together or at least that’s what I think I read, but as far as me if I tried to update the system I would take us back to the printing press

Essentially its a free dating service but, i have to heavily moderate it in case human traffickers get involved which is what happened to craiglist personals

Basically, people would post anonymously that they wanted to meet up and stuff or go dates

Yeah just sub thr community or go to communities and find the biggest ones and sub there but, i would just follow content by new for all new posts to read, although i encourage you to post and share your thoughts as well, don’t worry what they are, stay true to yourself first

When you do side jobs under the table always demand half up front or write on phone with date noted how much exactly. Long story short you want to avoid the tax man to answer the second part of your initial question. Even tips when reported in America get taxed by the irs

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How dare you report crimes you rabbit white supreme pizza you

Just buy your son a bb gun and your daughter a girly doll, problem solved, don’t give into wokeness

Yeah cz zuckerbutt allegedly fucks and eats children so of course