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The reality is that the criminals are coddled not because leftists love them but because they are useful. The Soviets even had a term for this – “social allies.” And for the left, every type of anti-social, child-grooming, murderous criminal is indeed an ally to knocking down the system that allows free people to flourish. And one more thing: if leftists are trying to lock conservatives up for “terrorism” now, it won’t be long before they start trying to kill you.

Disney stock was trading at $133.65 a share when Chapek accused DeSantis of promoting legislation that would "unfairly target gay, lesbian, nonbinary, and transgender kids and families." Disney shares opened at $89.44 and continued to fall on Wednesday ahead of DeSantis's formal entry into the 2024 presidential campaign. • That's a decline of 33.1 percent in a little over 14 months.

Disney has made a concerted campaign to push as much gay content into its programming as possible. The company is still waging a legal war against Florida after former CEO Bob Chapek caved to activist employees and publicly denounced the Parental Rights in Education legislation, which has been smeared by corporate media as “Don’t Say Gay.”

It appears that the Big Tech entrepreneur may be prioritising his freedom of speech committment over pleasing EU overlords, with the publication detailing rumours that Musk was pulling Twitter out of the voluntary anti-disinformation project. This was later confirmed by EU Internal Market Commissar Thierry Breton, who wrote on Twitter that the platform had indeed left the project.

So the establishment uniparty wins again. This bill only passes with votes from Democrats. Time for McCarthy's reign as Speaker to end.

One month ago as reported by @mirandadevine in the NYPost, Paxton announced his new investigation into whether Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson misled Texans on the efficacy and safety of their vaccines and whether they manipulated clinical trial data. Paxton was also looking into whether the pharmaceutical giants engaged in gain-of-function research. Less than one month after this story came out the House brought impeachment proceedings forward.

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Check out the 2 tables

Linux Mint is just like using windows - a very easy chsnge

Bitwarden Moves Into Passwordless Security
You can use it to integrate with FIDO2 WebAuthn applications such as Face ID, fingerprint, and Windows Hello. Enterprises also face challenges in integrating passkey-based authentication into their existing applications. Another way Bitwarden Passwordless.dev addresses this issue is by including an admin console. This enables programmers to configure applications, manage user attributes, monitor passkey usage, deploy code, and get started instantly.

The first house I bought had no hot water in the bathroom.

Oh those chilly mornings

I found this article sadly short on specifics. Seems like a hit piece written by a Trump supporter. Sad Trump never signed legislation to protect our free speech or pardon victims like Assange and Snowdon

At the very least, these two changes demonstrate that the certified totals were incorrect. If the results are incorrect, what is the meaning of “certified” in this context? I thought “certified” meant that the numbers provided had been checked and were found to be unambiguously accurate. Without chain of custody, the three known options for these changes amount to the following: 1) the NYBOE can’t count, 2) the NYBOE (or a subordinate entity) is negligent, 3) someone committed election or voter fraud by embezzling blank and voided ballots.

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Sounds like wacky New York laws, but Fox should at least be honest about it.

What struck me was there are so many unknowns

On Nostros when you view somebody’s profile, you can see which relays they are connected to. So I also joined the relays that people were using that were posting content I was interested in

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I picked some from here based on speed and geographic diversity https://nostr.watch/relays/find

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