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cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/441646 > Also: https://bunatimes.com/technology/56403.html

[r/linux](https://libredd.it/r/linux/comments/wqp0g2/why_i_left_pine64) [r/pine64official](https://libredd.it/r/PINE64official/comments/wqpdlq/martijn_braam_stepping_away_from_pine64) Not to start a long depressing discussion, that won't get things any better for anyone, and are really out of most readers control, but this is really sad to read. I do hope the pinephone pro to be a success, though it's not quite there yet, and controversy as this doesn't really help. Less devs won't help at all either, :(

Pine64 EU store
[reddit comments](https://teddit.net/r/PINE64official/comments/vr2xb7/pine64_eu_store_is_live)

keep in mind, that fork author is investigating how to enable google login, pushed with requests from ex Vanced users… See my comment about it below:


I read freetube could be installed through flatpak, or similar, on pine64, though I don’t know if freetube adapts well to a phone form factor. A QML/Qt newpipe like front end sounds missing on mobile gnu+linux, :(

FYI: https://github.com/polymorphicshade/NewPipe

They’re deciding on the fork name still, to then, have a fdroid repo I’d guess. It already supports notification updates:


Is there a pine phone jami version?
I mean, gnu+linux desktop jami-qt client. I'd guess as it's Qt, it might work just fine on gnu+linux phone, but the UI should be totally different...

No user accounts, by design | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
[reddit comments](https://teddit.net/r/degoogle/comments/t3fydf/no_user_accounts_by_design_fdroid)

any FOSS equivalent to trucaller?
Moreover, is there something similar for SMS messages? I'd like to block both, phone calls and SMS messages, when the phone numbers try to impersonate those from real phone number owners. In my country it's common to get phone calls, and SMS messages, from phone numbers corresponding to real organizations, such as banks and government agencies (particularly those associated to taxes, legal, and so on). So I´d like something that indicates me the impersonating phone number is no the real one, for both phone calls and SMSs, so I can block those, and also I can block some coming from real orgs I'm not interested in answering, like banks offering vredit cads or health insurance, or things like that. But I'm looking for something hopefully not sharing information from me, not even statistics. So not sure there's one app or 2 apps on Android, which are FOSS, and hpefully under F-DROID, or with custom F_DROID repos, which is what I prefer... Thanks !

Firefox Privacy: 2021 update | Privacy Guides
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