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If I were a rapist I probably wouldn’t rape a mutilated monster like page. I would think the rapist would rather rape attractive girls. Feels made up I’m not buying it.

It’s not a bad song. Really wish I could be a fly on the wall when target management talks about it.

Just go visit a whore.

Leftist do not reproduce the same way as Gods creatures do. They follow a viruse’s reproductive strategy. They don’t physically birth children. Not anywhere near replacement levels anyways. Even if they manage to birth a soulless child it’s usually infertile or quickly sterilized. No my friends They infect and corrupt the offspring of holy conservative families.

They spread by infection not by reproduction.

They are a parasitic breed. Demonic if you will. A energetic signature identifies them not a DNA signature.

Totally real guys

They could never record the radio for some corporate cuck reason so it was fucking dumb anyway.

The problem is Trump can easily beat DeSantis. I like Trump but I really hate Biden. Would be great if Trump just sat back this time around and retired. Trump would be better and more effective as a speaker of the house anyway.

I’m ok referring to the doctor unless kids are involved then I’m not sure the risk reward to society is there to try and rehabilitate.

What an uncomfortable position to jerk off in. Could he not find a park bench? Or is he trying to stick the fire hydrant up his butt hole?

I think in 2023 we can pretty much assume anyone still wearing a mask is a pervert trying to hide their face due to some evil intention.

It’s because lemmy is funded by a open source organization so they want their extreme evil content (genocide denialism, Christian/Muslim hating) to look separate so they don’t lose their funding. It’s really not separate though they come from the same ip address and it’s clearly maintained by the same people.

Pretty sure Dessalines is the same antifatard maintaining them both. Maybe with some help from someone in France because that is where it’s hosted.

lemmy blocked exploding heads months and months ago. It was only temporarily unblocked when a new version came out that changed the way server blocking works.

Dude. She sucked off a 13 year old. She is 34. I can’t imagine how that situation even got started.